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We, Prestige Agency, offer you to radically change your life today 💫 and earn big money 💵 by working abroad. Citizenship and knowledge of languages ​​does not matter. You are a girl of 18-35 years old with an attractive appearance, then this is your chance for a new life.

Prestige Agency vacancies

Working as a female model is not limited to one area. Girls with a model appearance can work abroad as:

Interestingly, there is always the possibility of additional earnings. Our beautiful dancers, who perform in the clubs of the UAE and Turkey, are often invited by men to the table, treating them to expensive dishes and not sparing a tip. Hanging out for models, like the work of a waitress, is also not limited to only one salary under the contract.

Also here you can find orders for models for fitting, advertising, online stores and other interesting offers. We constantly replenish our database of models and employers, and personally check the working conditions.

Prestige Model Agency – inAccounts by country

Do you still think that it is impossible for Russians to find a job abroad without knowing at least English, with a large income? Then check out our vacancies — they will definitely convince you!

Party models are required in many countries. A large number of vacancies are offered by employers from China, Spain, USA, UAE, Turkey. Girls with our help can find contracts in Estonia, Belgium, Japan, Greece and even Cyprus. Our modeling agency gives you the opportunity to travel around the world, and not just for free, but also earn some good money!

Prestige Agency – requirements for models to work?

Jobs for girls abroad suitable for girls aged 18 to 30, with well-groomed skin and hair. A good figure, confident model gait, courage – all that is needed for work.

The collaboration goes like this:

  • A girl fills out a form;
  • The manager selects suitable vacancies;
  • Together we sign a contract with the employer;
  • Helping with visa processing and flights;
  • We accompany you until the end of the contract.

The model is required to comply with the stipulated conditions. Additional skills and abilities, knowledge of foreign languages, as well as experience in the modeling business, are not required.

Prestige Modeling Agencybenefits

Working with our modeling agency is easy. The manager will contact the girl after filling out the questionnaire and provide a full consultation. The specialist will tell you how to conclude a contract, help you get a visa, order a ticket. Decades of experience allows us to clearly explain how girls comply with the terms of cooperation in a particular country and field of activity.

The benefits of our agency are unique because we:

  • Knock out the highest rates in any country;
  • We select a fellow traveler-model so that the girls are not bored and not scared during the trip;
  • We provide support throughout the duration of the contract;
  • We enter the data of the girls into the database in order to provide them with work on a permanent basis.
  • We organize transportation routes, including during quarantines;
  • Arranging insurance;
  • We supervise the living conditions of models, solve problems that arise during work.

The offers are relevant and guarantee big earnings. Agency vacancies for girls are not related to escorts – we work only in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Model agency prestige – inpolls and answers:

Girls can receive 2000-6000 euros per month under a contract. It will be difficult to earn such money in Ukraine or Russia. And abroad, not every specialist can count on such a salary. Therefore, it is profitable and prestigious to cooperate with us. By the way, we do not charge girls money for consulting and other services. Our services are paid by employers, not job seekers.

  • Experience required?

No not always. Of course, in order to work in Turkey as a dancer or singer, you will need to demonstrate certain skills. However, we have many offers for girls without work experience, for example, hostesses for consummation, models. Here girls can gain experience and find their calling.

  • What are the terms of the contract and what guarantees does it provide?

By concluding a contract with an employer through our agency, girls receive a guarantee of payment of fees and decent working conditions. Our managers personally check the living conditions, are always in touch with the girls, and solve any problems that arise in the process of work. If the employer refuses to work with the girl after signing the contract, we will compensate for the shortfall in the agreed amount and quickly find a new contract.

  • Is language proficiency important for modeling abroad?

No, many vacancies are available for Russian-speaking girls. Knowledge of foreign languages, such as English and Turkish, is welcome, but not a prerequisite for cooperation. All details are negotiated in advance, and our managers will find a vacancy that suits you.




08 / 01 / 2023

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06 / 01 / 2023

Как обещала пишу отзыв о работе в Стамбуле для Prestige Model Agency.Клуб очень даже не плохой,работать интересно и приятно, бывают...
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06 / 01 / 2023

Отзыв работы в Дании для модельного агентства Престиж.По работе мне не зашло. Я так и не поняла датский менталитет, чего...
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31 / 12 / 2022

Отзыв о работе в Шотландии доя Prestige Model Agency.За 1 месяц я отработала в 2х клубах в Шотландии. Первый был в...
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12 / 12 / 2022

Отзыв для Prestige Model Agency c Таиландa, работала на Пхукете два месяца Я работаю в клубе MoscowЗаработки сейчас очень хорошие и...
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26 / 11 / 2022

Хотела бы оставить отзыв для модельного агентства Престиж о работе в городе Ренн, Франция.Это была не первая моя поездка в...
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19 / 11 / 2022

Отзыв для Prestige Model Agency с Албании, Фиер, Girls LoveЯ пробыла в этом клубе месяц,жили мы во Влёре,а на работу...
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19 / 11 / 2022

Здравствуйте! Мой отзыв для модельного агентства Престиж о работе в Вене. Хочу поблагодарить вас за тот опыт работы, что я...
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19 / 11 / 2022

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05 / 11 / 2022

Оставлю отзыв для Prestige Model Agency о работе в Хорватии на стрипе. Я работала в сезон и поэтому работа там...
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Questions and answers

First, the girl fills out a questionnaire, where she indicates her preferred country and area of activity.

Agency managers select suitable vacancies based on external data of the girl and her preferences indicated in the questionnaire.

Agency managers will talk about the specifics of work in each club and each country. 9 out of 10 specialists themselves worked as artists and hostesses from the agency, and are familiar with all the features, pluses, minuses and nuances of work firsthand.

The girl is provided with data on available vacancies and detailed information about employers BEFORE employment – you choose the option for yourself.

During the contract, the girl will not be left “to her fate”: the manager will help solve almost any problem (from everyday nuances to in the spirit of poorly functioning heating in the apartment before the selection of translation options, if for some reason the work “did not work” in the selected club).

When going to work abroad, girls often worry about their safety.

  • Are you sure this isn’t intimate?
  • Are you sure this isn’t slavery?
  • You don’t trade people?

These questions are often asked by first-time dancers or hostess in a foreign nightclub.

We answer.

Definitely “No” to all three questions.

We guarantee 100% safety for all girls and we really can.

Prestige Model Agency exists and successfully works at the international level for more than 10 years.

We have employed several thousand girls, the agency is represented at prestigious beauty contests.

The agency values its reputation and is not interested in illegal ways of working.

Prestige Model Agency is registered in the UK, the office is located in London – everything is official and extremely transparent. Each girl works only legally under an official contract. This document contains all the data of the employer, as well as working conditions.

Our specialists check all contracts and control their execution – both from the side of the club and from the side of the girl.

A manager works with each girl. Even at the stage of choosing a vacancy, you will know the manager in person, you will know his passport data and will be able to check whether the real person is working with you. This manager will accompany your contract until its completion 24/7. You can turn to him in any situation.

In all contracts of our models, sex is strictly prohibited.

Our customers include legal entertainment establishments from all over the world. We carefully check every club we work with.

When choosing a job in a club abroad, it is naive to believe that everyone around you will understand your native language. Ignorance of the language is often the main barrier to the life that every traveler dreams of. But this does not mean at all that if in your school years you “wasted your time in foreign lessons”, now everything is lost for you. Work abroad on consummation without knowledge of spoken English(Turkish, Italian, French, German, etc.) IT IS POSSIBLE!

Although, of course, having at least a basic level of training, you will feel much more comfortable as a hostess. It is pointless to hide this fact.

So what to do? If it suddenly happened that your language level is not enough or you are simply not sure that you can handle it, start with preparation. Yes, yes, it was not the Gods who burned the pots, as they say! It’s never too late to learn. There are a huge number of paid and free sources, courses and tutorials where you can improve your knowledge. Registration on a foreign dating site can also help in the practical application of knowledge. And also – in further work on consumption)) just correctly indicate your location and “prepare the ground”)) For example, if you are going to conquer Istanbul – choose a location somewhere in its open spaces and wait for a flurry of messages) Merhaba, dear!))

Second, in order to work in a consummation club, girls do not need to communicate on highly intellectual topics and parry in business terms. On the contrary, the simpler, the often better! Keep in mind that most of the guests, when communicating in English, are not native speakers of this language and, due to their gender, it is extremely uncomfortable for them to feel their gaps in knowledge in front of such a beautiful lady. Express yourself simply, let the guest feel that he is cooler and you will be happy.

Third – the environment is conducive. It’s just how it works when everyone around speaks a language other than your own, if you want – if you don’t want to, talk. And this rule applies to everyone without exception. Having gone on a contract, do not limit yourself to communicating exclusively with fellow countrywomen, go out to people, get to know the locals, believe me, an open sincere smile affects everyone.

Well, the fourth is work abroad as a club hostess models are about mood. And it is much easier and easier to communicate on a primitive level with a cheerful, kind and smiling girl, how you look and how you treat guests is a much more important point. The factor of key importance is how READY you are in principle to learn and COMMUNICATE, do not be shy about your mistakes, make them your priority areas and remember, the courage to be funny decorates you

Consumption is an entertainment service for young girls in nightclubs and establishments. Consumation girls are called Hostess. The duties of the Hostess at consummation include communication with a male guest of a club or bar.

How consummation happens

Remember yourself in the club as a guest. You are a beauty, you were going to the mirror for 3 hours – makeup, manicure, hairstyle and stunning outfit. And so you come to the club, dance, behave at ease, smile. A guy comes up to you and buys a cocktail. What are you doing?Communicating with this man while drinking a margarita or champagne. He really likes to chat with you, and he orders again. So this is the real consummation. Only when it happens in ordinary life, the motives of this guy are unknown, and apart from nightly adventures and a morning hangover, you get nothing. When this work, then everything is very clear. The guest comes to the club to take a break from work and family everyday life and routine. He knows where and why he is going and how much he is willing to spend. What he needs from you is not sex for a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, he just wants to chat with a nice interesting girl, forget about problems, relax, treat her with drinks. And you get paid. And the more you like, the more the guest orders and the higher your percentage. Salaries are quite high, especially for girls from the CIS countries who have never seen such money in their homeland. On average, a girl earns from $2,000 a month without much effort.

But you still need to understand that consumption is work, not entertainment , and there are some nuances.

Firstly, you need to be able to present yourself so that the guest has no doubts that you are decent and interesting. Do not invite uninteresting girls will, and accordingly, it will be unprofitable for the club to keep a girl who does not bring profit to the club. And the boss can reduce the rate or even fire him.

Secondly, you need to be able to strike up a conversation and listen carefully to the guest. With all this, it is necessary to understand why the guest came to the club. Sometimes a man comes to pour out his soul. It happens. Someone to chat with a beautiful girl, someone to stare at the show. You just need to listen to someone and smile, laugh with someone and watch videos on Youtube or dance. Therefore, each guest needs his own approach.

Thirdly, consummation is a story more about alcohol. Many people do not like that the girl does not drink. Therefore, you need to understand that sometimes you have to do this. But there are always tricks. Somewhere you can drain, somewhere you can ask the bartender not to pour a lot of alcohol.

Fourthly, some girls do not know how to take tips, gifts or accept compliments from men. They begin to blush and are shy, others behave like beggars. Balance is needed everywhere. Train your femininity. A true woman should be able to accept presents, elegantly hint at her “Wishlist”, flirt innocently and be inaccessible at the same time. Let a man take care of you.

This is all the “wisdom” of consummation. As you can see, there is nothing terrible and reprehensible here. Consumation has nothing to do with intimacy.

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