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In Israel, work for girls has only positive reviews, as it is in great demand. Ladies who have already started their activities in this country leave pleasant feedback, because they get everything they wanted: a high salary, a flexible schedule and a high standard of living.

To start working as a hostess or dancer in Israel, you should contact Prestige Model Agency. It is important that you meet the requirements: adult age, height from 160 cm, slim figure without excess weight. Preference is given to open and sociable representatives of the fair sex.

Work for girls in Israel is varied. Depending on your skills, abilities and level of language proficiency, you can find employment in various fields. The professions of hostesses and dancers in nightclubs are considered highly paid. On average, the monthly salary starts from 2-3 thousand dollars. You can also count on a higher salary if you become popular in the chosen club.

Modeling Agency Prestige
Modeling Agency Prestige
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