Young girls do not want to live in their home country, earning “pennies”. To lose health, working physically at the harvest abroad – also not an option. Much more promising and pleasant work abroad for girls in clubs and hotel and restaurant business. This direction is very relevant, especially since it does not require higher education.

Work for girls abroad

Work and travel with Prestige Model Agency

Jobs for girls in Europe

Jobs for Girls in Europe with PMA

Travel while working in Europe

Many people are wondering how they can find jobs for girls in Europe? RaHow to work with an agency used to have to act at your own risk, search for jobs on your own or get a job through acquaintances. Today, the process is much simplified. It is enough to contact a large agency Prestige Model Agency, which in a short time will prepare the necessary documents and provide girls with absolutely legal work.

By using the services of Prestige Model Agency, you get:

  • assistance with visa, insurance and flight bookings;
  • comprehensive support and counselling;
  • monitoring of living conditions and solving arising issues.
    • Thousands of girls thanks to our agency have already signed favourable contracts, got pleasant, easy and safe work.


Jobs for beautiful girls

Jobs for beautiful girls - PMA

consumation in nightclubs

Many countries offer jobs abroad for girls. Predominantly these are jobs abroad in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels. The question arises: where to go? The choice is practically unlimited.

With a work visa, you can go to Turkey, Africa, China, Thailand, Macau, Cambodia. Lack of a work visa is not a problem. Many people look for seasonal jobs for girls with no experience and leave on a tourist visa. Of course, it is forbidden to work on it, but our agency selects partners carefully and guarantees the absence of problems.

These are not all the countries offering vacancies. Work abroad for girls without language skills is possible on Kipre and Malta, in Singapore, Macedonia, USA, Egypt. Need more information? Ask – we’ll answer.


Legal work abroad for girls

Legal work for girls - PMA

Work and rest at the same time

    • .

The advantage of Prestige Model Agency is that we offer legal work abroad for girls. Each applicant signs a contract before flying to the country. This is not just a paper, but a legal document. We have a licence to operate, which is confirmed by the signature and seal on the contract.

Thus, we provide official jobs. And unofficial are vacancies found on the recommendations of girlfriends, without a contract.

Many people think that hostess work abroad is a priori illegal. It isn’t. If nightclubs are not banned in the country, it is not against the law to work in them.


Work abroad for girls

Jobs Abroad - Prestige Agency

Your dream job

Jobs for girls abroad don’t require any special skills. Most applicants have the simplest of requirements:

      • a slim figure;
      • pleasant appearance;
      • sociable character.

For hostesses it is desirable to know English or native language of the country. But it is not necessary. There are countries that will gladly accept beauties without experience.

As for dancers, the ability to dance is desirable for the United States, Italy, Greece. It is compensated by very decent earnings. Ladies without skills will easily find a contract in Macau or Thailand.

Profitable work abroad for girls without language skills will suit everyone who wants to earn a decent income. This is an opportunity to travel, save enough money to study or buy real estate, meet interesting people.

We provide decent vacancies abroad in prestigious institutions without intimacy.

Striptease on request.


Work for girls abroad reviews

 Jobs for girls abroad reviews - PMA

Reviews from real people are the best advertising

Do you think that working abroad without experience and language skills is from the realm of fantasy? Practice proves the opposite. Read what girls who cooperated with us write.


I worked hostess in Turkey. I liked everything: men are in love with Slavic women in absentia, they give them gifts. You don’t need to know the language. I left on a tourist visa, there were no extra expenses – food and accommodation were free. Earned $2000. Excellent work for girls without experience, looking for part-time work for the summer.


I love to sing, so I found a job hostess in a karaoke bar in Korea with the help of Prestige Model Agency. Koreans appreciate girls who love and can sing and are generous with tips. Not the least factor in choosing the country was the fact that Russian women do not need a visa. Salaries are decent – $2200-3000.


Spain is paradise. Work for beautiful girls here pays for every appearance on stage. Bars and clubs are located on picturesque seashores or among the mountains. At the same time competition is small, you do not need special education and knowledge of the language, even English or Spanish.


I am impressed by working in Italy. Here you can get a job as a hostess, a dancer or a combined position. Beautiful nature, rich men, luxury holidays and incomes up to €3700. This is just the perfect job for girls abroad. The choice of establishments is huge, and for Ukrainian women there is a visa-free regime.

Questions and answers

The choice of country depends on many facts :

  1. Availability of visas (or the ability to quickly open). There are visa-free countries such as Turkey, Armenia, South Korea (for the Russian Federation), with the possibility of staying up to 60 days. There are countries where a visa is issued upon arrival, for example, Jordan! Simple opening of visas to Cyprus (for Russia and Ukraine we make visas free of charge and within 24 hours). The Schengen zone is now open to Ukrainians if there is a biometric passport (you can stay up to 90 days in half a year). There are contracts in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Malta, etc.
  2. Ticket price ! Tickets start from $50-500. For example, you can often find tickets from Moscow to Istanbul or Milan from $50. But to Singapore or the USA, a ticket costs around $400-500. Ticket prices can be viewed at https://www.skyscanner.ru
  3. Personal preferences for the mentality and culture of other countries.
  4. Knowledge of languages ! For example, in Cyprus or in Singapore needs a high level of English (basic, basic conversational, elementary will not work). With basic English it is possible to consider Turkey and Jordan. Or maybe you speak Spanish or Italian? Then the choice is obvious!
  5. Personal communication. If this is your first contract or you are not the most sociable person, then you should choose a system with passive consumption! If you are an active, sociable person who does not have a language barrier, then I advise you to consider active consumption.
  6. Perception of alcohol. If you don't drink from the word "at all" , then choose: Italy, Turkey, South Korea!
  7. Living conditions ! The best conditions in Istanbul (live in a hotel 4 stars), the most modest conditions in Singapore (accommodation for 2-4 people in a room, hostel format)
  8. Opportunity to compensate for a return ticket. Singapore and South Korea offer such conditions.
  9. Meals. It is very rare for employers to provide meals. But it's possible if you choose Istanbul!
  10. And of course the presence of the sea! Many first message notify that the most important thing is the beach! Then you can stay in Singapore (all year round) or Spain, some clubs in Italy and Turkey (during the warm season, from May to October.)

We wish you a good flight! And remember, even if work in the club, upon arrival, is not “Your option”, you will get invaluable experience of communication with different people! And if everything works out, then you will spend the next 2-3 years traveling around the world :)

Prestige Agency recommends 2 destinations Italy and Turkey.

  • Ticket prices from Kyiv from $100
  • Free Housing
  • You can drink soft drinks


Features of models in Italy?

  • Schengen visa or biometric passport required
  • Meals at own expense
  • Payment of salary once every 2 weeks
  • Italian is quite simple
  • Italians love compliments
  • Schedule from 22:00 to 04:00
  • In Italy, clubs with active consumption and mixed.
  • In Italy, girls are invited by the waiter.

Peculiarities of working in Turkey

  • Visa-free regime, you can apply for a visa
  • Meals at the expense of the club
  • Salary payment once a week ( +% for glasses without a rate)
  • Leaving home after 13:00
  • Turks love courting girls
  • I speak English in Turkey, and some speak Russian.
  • Sigorta 1 day a week


How much a girl will earn depends on a whole range of factors. The main ones are appearance, the ability to actively communicate and express yourself, and, of course, the right contract. According to statistics, you can earn a hostess job:

-$1500-1800 per monthif the girl chooses contracts in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, remote destinations with an average level of popularity among wealthy tourists;

-2000- 3400 USD for those who work in Spain, Macedonia, Jordan, get a job in nightclubs and bars in Cyprus, Singapore and South Korea.

If you are interested in a higher paying job for girls abroad, you can pay attention to the vacancies of strip dancers. In South Africa, Greece, Germany, Albania, Switzerland, as well as in Malta, girls who dance the strip earn from 3,000 US dollars per month and more.

To find the perfect contract for yourself, it is not enough to study the statistics of earnings and determine the largest. In every country, in every club there are a number of requirements for applicants, features of the mentality and a number of nuances of work. You need to correctly correlate your capabilities, external data and talents with the wishes of the employer - then the contract will be profitable and leave a pleasant impression. That is why Prestige Agency managers select contracts individually for each girl .

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