Jobs for models in Estonia

Jobs for models in Estonia­ ­ 🚩 Estonia is both similar to and different from other countries. It has found a place for Scandinavian minimalism, Western European chic, and post-Soviet nostalgia. The capital of Estonia, Tallinn, is the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe.

Tallinn is the only true capital of Estonia; other cities are often referred to as unofficial capitals: Tartu is known for its university culture, Pärnu is a vacation spot, Kuresaare is where weddings are celebrated, and Türi is known for flower cultivation. The population of Estonia is just 1.3 million people, and every year more than 2 million tourists visit here. Estonia is one of the few countries where the number of guests exceeds the number of residents. There is plenty of space for everyone, especially in nature.

📌 What Makes Estonia Interesting

Estonia acts as a buffer between Scandinavia, Central Europe, and the countries to its east. Estonia has a predominantly female population. There are 84 men for every 100 women in Estonia. – Estonia is one of the least populated countries in Europe – Among the EU member states, Estonia has the smallest population, with 1.3 million inhabitants.

🚩 Every year, Estonia welcomes more tourists than its own population – Public transport in Tallinn is completely free for residents – Tallinn is sometimes referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe, with the highest number of startups per capita on the continent – 52% of the country is covered by forests, making Estonia one of the greenest countries in Europe – Estonia became the world’s first country to introduce online voting in 2005.

📌 Income Level in Estonia

🚩 On average, strippers and hostesses can earn from €1500 to €5000 per month. Estonians are very accepting of women’s age in this field. The age range can vary from 18 to 33 years old if the girl looks well-groomed and speaks Russian or English fluently.

📌 Advantages of Working in Estonia for Women

Estonia is one of the smallest countries in the European Union, with a population of just over 1.3 million people in 2018. However, in terms of average wages and overall quality of life, Estonian citizens outpace not only their closest neighbors – Latvia and Lithuania but also larger European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. Estonia’s economy is stable and dynamically developing, and the country takes great pride in its information technology sector.

🚩 The last thing to fear in Estonia is the language barrier. You will be enchanted by the beautiful clean and well-maintained beaches, numerous festivals and concerts, and an active nightlife. By choosing Estonia for work, you will not only earn well but also diversify your workdays with horseback riding, yachting, surfing, windsurfing, tennis, canoeing, fishing, and other activities to your liking.

💰 How Much Do People Earn in Estonia Per Month?

Youthful women aged from 18 to 33 can expect to earn the following monthly salaries:

Position Earnings
Hostess €1500 – €3000
Dancers €1500 – €5000
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Questions and answers

We have added to our list such professions as webcam model, hostess, go-go dancer, vocalist, PJ in a nightclub.

Taking into account the fact that technical professions do not bring high incomes, we advise to get education in a creative direction. Actress of theatre and cinema, singer, fashion designer, designer, vocalist or dancer. These are the professions that can open up a wide range of opportunities for girls.

Due to their physical, mental and psychological characteristics, girls are predisposed to some professions more than men. We advise girls to consider female professions in such directions as creative, humanitarian and office.

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