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Работа для девушек Болгарии🚩 What girl doesn’t dream of a job that brings pleasure and profit? It’s wonderful if such an activity allows you to make useful connections and manage your free time independently. Is it really possible? Yes. Prestige Model Agency will gladly find a highly-paid job option for you in Bulgaria.

📌 Why is working in Bulgaria attractive for girls

🚩 Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries located on the Black Sea coast. Its landscapes attract tourists all year round, and the job market is constantly in need of people. Workers in the entertainment industry are in demand. Therefore, finding a fresh vacancy as a dancer or hostess in Bulgaria is always possible. For girls from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, and other CIS countries, it’s a simple and accessible way to improve their financial situation. Working in strip clubs in Bulgaria is great because it’s not routine and involves active engagement. Many deliberately prefer it to office work. Indeed, interacting with men and dancing on stage is much more enjoyable than doing boring computer reports. Moreover, there are other advantages to working in clubs in Bulgaria for girls:

  1. High earnings. This is the main reason why girls choose to work abroad. By being active, engaging in interesting conversations, and dancing beautifully, it’s possible to easily earn €5000 per month. The amount depends on the club’s rates and the girl herself.
  2. Opportunity to travel. You can work as a dancer in your home country, but is it worth it? Bulgaria offers so many interesting cities, resorts, a warm climate, and many tourists willing to spend their money. Not only can you earn more, but you can also see the world. And if you sign a contract with an agency, you can save money on flights and accommodation. Employers often cover these expenses.
  3. Networking opportunities. The job of a hostess involves constant communication. Undoubtedly, among the guests, there will be influential men, profitable business owners, with whom you can build strong friendships and even start a family.
  4. No experience required. No specialized courses are needed. The main requirement is the willingness to earn. It doesn’t take much time to learn everything; you learn as you go.
  5. Continuous development and improvement. Working in strip clubs in Bulgaria has a positive effect on appearance and intellect. Girls develop and expand their horizons to become engaging conversationalists.

📌 Specifics of working for girls in Bulgaria

🚩 Working as a stripper in clubs in Bulgaria is a lot of fun, provided that you go there through a reputable agency with guarantees and proper documentation. The work is available in large nightclubs, cozy bars, and pubs. Duties include dancing on stage, performing in shows, private dances with full or partial nudity. Additionally, girls earn money from consumptions. It means they independently approach customers and offer their company. For each purchased drink, the girl receives a percentage. Regarding seasonality, there are more tourists during the summer.

With the warming weather in April, Bulgaria experiences an influx of tourists. The flow subsides only by November. However, the level of income largely depends on the club. Some establishments have regular clientele, and tourists visit less frequently. In such cases, the income remains stable throughout the year.

💰 How much do girls earn in Bulgaria?

💰 Earnings in Bulgarian clubs consist of a fixed rate, a percentage from drinks, and commissions from private dances. The income primarily depends on the girl herself. According to feedback from Russian and Ukrainian girls working in local establishments, they earn more than Bulgarian girls. Perhaps, it’s because they have more motivation. Already on the first day, one can earn €150 and achieve a stable income of €600-€1200 per week. Not a bad prospect, right?

📌 What’s required for work in Bulgaria

None of the vacancies for girls in Bulgaria listed on the Prestige Model Agency website require significant financial investment or a higher education. The main requirements are:

  • Desire to earn decently.
  • Specific character traits: sociability, flexibility, activeness, determination.
  • Personal qualities: mobility, erudition.
  • Young age and attractive appearance.

Knowledge of foreign languages is welcomed in the work of girls in Bulgaria as a hostess. Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Reach out to us. We will take care of everything else.

Vacancy Earnings
Dancers from €2500 – €5000
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Questions and answers

We have added to our list such professions as webcam model, hostess, go-go dancer, vocalist, PJ in a nightclub.

Taking into account the fact that technical professions do not bring high incomes, we advise to get education in a creative direction. Actress of theatre and cinema, singer, fashion designer, designer, vocalist or dancer. These are the professions that can open up a wide range of opportunities for girls.

Due to their physical, mental and psychological characteristics, girls are predisposed to some professions more than men. We advise girls to consider female professions in such directions as creative, humanitarian and office.

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