Jobs for girls in Canada

Jobs for girls in Canada

📌 “Canadian Contract” – for those who truly value their talents

🚩 Want to work in a nightclub abroad? Then you should definitely consider vacancies for strip dancers in Canada.

Canada has incorporated the best experiences from both Americas in terms of social and economic development, avoiding their mistakes. It is a country with astonishingly beautiful landscapes, cultural diversity, European comfort, well-planned infrastructure, and a high standard of living, where a vibrant and beautiful strip dancer can easily earn $2000 per week (and even more).

🚩 Law-abiding and respectable employers are a significant advantage for foreign dancers. Dancing on a pole in Canada excludes intimacy and any unexpected risks for the dancer. Canadian nightclubs always strictly adhere to the law and contract conditions, sincerely cooperate with the local police, and strive to provide maximum safety and comfort for both guests and employees. It is essential to consider that girls are expected to demonstrate a high level of responsibility, efficiency, adherence to club rules, and the country’s laws.

📌 How to get to Canada? Visa “Nuances”

🚩 Canadian clubs hire strip dancers from various countries worldwide, including Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and others. The required documents for legal entry into the country depend on the girl’s citizenship.

For girls from EU countries, it is easiest to come and work in strip clubs in Canada. For example, a girl from one of the Baltic states or with a Romanian passport can obtain an electronic entry permit to Canada within just one day and comfortably start her contract.

Ukrainian girls can also easily obtain entry permission through a humanitarian visa (also known as a “protection visa”).

The most challenging entry process is for Russian and Belarusian girls. Canada is very reluctant to approve visas for citizens of Russia and Belarus, and almost the only reliable way to obtain entry permission is by applying for a business visa.

📌 What you need to know about nightclub guests in Canada

The way Canadians approach nightclubs largely depends on their ethnic background and the region they live in. The majority of Canadians are sociable and open-minded people; they enjoy activities like bowling, billiards, spending time in pubs, and nightclubs, so entertainment venues are always full of visitors.

🚩 Nightclubs in Canada are frequented by both local residents and tourists. Considering the country’s diverse population, you can encounter a “third-generation” Canadian with Indigenous, European, or African roots, as well as tourists and recent immigrants from Europe or Asia, all in the same venue.

In most cases, the guests are respectable, well-to-do individuals who treat the dancers with respect and restraint. They are tolerant and not too fond of physical contact with strangers. They value having fun and a good time while always staying within reasonable boundaries. A strip dancer in Canada can always expect a friendly atmosphere and respectful treatment from the guests.

In Canada, English and French are spoken (both are official languages), and the prevalence of each language depends on the region. If you plan to work as a stripper in Canada, you won’t need to perfect your knowledge of English and French since dancers don’t work on communication with guests. Basic English will be sufficient to feel comfortable.

📌 Working and Living Conditions

Bright, slender, flexible, and beautiful girls under the age of 40 can become pole dancers in Canadian nightclubs. The ability to dance seductively is a must, although employers usually don’t require professional choreographic training.

There is no specific “type” required for employment as a strip dancer in Canada. You can earn well regardless of your appearance – the main thing is for the girl to be active, sexy, and dance beautifully.

🚩 In this country, traditional “consumption” practices are virtually absent. Therefore, there is no opportunity for hostess jobs – easy money for sitting with a glass of cocktail and casual conversation. However, this has its advantage – there’s no limit to the number of drinks, no need to consume alcohol, so you can focus entirely on the show.

Intimacy with guests is strictly prohibited, as are any dates outside the club.

Strip dancers in Canada can earn additional income through private dances and tips, even without hostess positions and the consumption tradition.

🚩 A significant advantage of Canada is the absence of seasonal fluctuations in strip club business, which sets it apart from tourist-oriented countries. Guests visit local nightclubs throughout the year, which is very beneficial for both the dancers and the entertainment establishments.

Canadian clubs welcome girls at the airports and make an effort to provide their employees with free accommodation. The rooms are cozy, furnished, and equipped with appliances (there is a kitchen and a working washing machine). However, the number of rooms in the houses is usually limited. To ensure that the employer provides a room, the girl should book accommodation at least two weeks before departing for the contract.

📌 Vacancies in Canada for Girls: Earnings Level

🚩 When heading to work abroad in Canada, girls go for vacancies as strip dancers. This is practically the only in-demand profession for foreign women in local nightclubs.

The key to high earnings for a dancer will be her beauty, grace, flexibility, and choreographic skills. Guests will gladly reward the dancer with generous tips for a vibrant and erotic performance.

Mostly, girls perform full strip shows, and in some clubs, topless performances are allowed. To earn well, one must know how to dance passionately and erotically both on and off the pole.

🚩 An energetic, vibrant, and flexible girl can expect good income from working as a stripper in Canada. Girls receive fixed rates (around 15-20 dollars per hour) and also receive bonuses for each private dance (approximately 20 dollars per dance). The total earnings of a strip dancer in Canada range from 700 to 5000 Canadian dollars per week, with an average of 2000 dollars per week.

Most of the income is earned from Thursday to Saturday, but even on weekdays, clubs are not empty, so one can expect good earnings at all times.


💰 Young girls aged from 18 to 32 can expect the following monthly salaries:

Vacancy Earnings
Dancers from 4000 to 8000 $
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Questions and answers

We have added to our list such professions as webcam model, hostess, go-go dancer, vocalist, PJ in a nightclub.

Taking into account the fact that technical professions do not bring high incomes, we advise to get education in a creative direction. Actress of theatre and cinema, singer, fashion designer, designer, vocalist or dancer. These are the professions that can open up a wide range of opportunities for girls.

Due to their physical, mental and psychological characteristics, girls are predisposed to some professions more than men. We advise girls to consider female professions in such directions as creative, humanitarian and office.

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