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🚩 Lebanon is the cultural capital of the Middle East, located between mountains on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its vibrant and picturesque landscapes, warm and inviting sea, incredible and rich history, and hospitable people make this country truly magical. Cities like Byblos, Beirut, Sidon, Tyre, and Juniyah, among many others, will offer pleasant experiences and introduce you to the centuries-old history and traditions.

The diverse and exotic world of the East, exquisite cuisine, excellent service, azure beaches, and luxurious hotels await you in this remarkable country. Recently, working as a girl in Lebanon in the consumption industry brings good earnings only to those who are familiar with the intricacies of the system. Therefore, in order to have a pleasant time, earn money, and gain valuable experience, it is advisable to go on a contract only through a reliable agency.

📌 What documents do girls need to work in Lebanon?

Girls of different types from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic countries, and the EU are invited to work as hostesses in nightclubs in Lebanon.

  • To work in Lebanon, girls need a valid international passport, which should be valid for the duration of the contract.
  • Clubs arrange a work visa for 2 months before arriving in Lebanon.
  • The visa can be extended on-site for up to 6 months through the immigration service.
  • To apply for the visa, it is sufficient to send a copy of your international passport and a 3×4 photo with a white background, with hair tied back, clearly showing the face and ears, to your manager.
  • After receiving the contract, you need to sign it and send a scanned copy to your manager.
  • Before purchasing the ticket, you need to provide the results of blood tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, and a negative pregnancy test.
  • Before leaving for the contract, the girl must obtain insurance. The cost of insurance for the entire contract period is $150 (paid by the girl).
  • During the contract, the girl also pays for medical tests every 2 months, costing $150 each, and a monthly tax of $120 to the state.
  • The contract specifies all the working conditions, which are strictly followed: fixed salary, club, place of residence, and position. The contract is a written agreement for the girl to work in a specific club with a specified salary.
  • The Lebanese immigration service reviews the signed contract and prepared document package within 5-10 days from the date of submission. A preliminary visa certificate of readiness to accept the girl in Lebanon and provide work in the agreed club is issued to the authorized person, who is the club’s boss.
  • Based on the visa, the girl’s ticket to Lebanon is purchased, which she receives at the airport in her home country.
  • If the girl turns out to be pregnant upon arrival in Lebanon, she cannot start working and is obliged to cover all expenses.

🚩 Please note that upon arrival in Lebanon, the girl must hand over her passport to the club manager for 2 days. On the first day, she will visit the immigration service and undergo a mandatory medical examination, including tests for diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis. All arriving artists are required to take these tests, and the cost is deducted from their salary. The payment for the medical examination is made to the state treasury. On the third day, if the test results are negative, the girl signs the original contract and can start working.

📌 What job vacancies are available for girls in Lebanon

For working in nightclubs in Lebanon as hostesses, the following requirements apply:

  • Attractive and well-groomed girls of different types from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, and the EU;
  • Age 18-33 years;
  • Height from 170 cm (strictly without excess weight);
  • English language proficiency.

Friendliness, non-confrontational attitude, and maintaining a positive atmosphere within the team are welcomed. To be approved for the job, it is necessary to submit several portrait photos, several recent selfies with and without makeup, full-length photos, a video walk, as well as a video introduction in English.

📌 Consumption in Lebanon

Working in nightclubs in Lebanon involves passive consumption. This means that the girls do not approach the guests themselves but wait to be invited to their table. The girls interact with the guests at the table for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or longer as desired by the guests. For girls who do not consume alcohol, non-alcoholic consumption is possible. Active consumption is not practiced in Lebanon.

📌 Interactions with men in Lebanon

As hostesses in nightclubs in Lebanon, girls interact with wealthy local men. Sometimes clubs are visited by affluent tourists from different countries. Therefore, girls from the Prestige Model Agency who work as hostesses in Lebanon must have a good conversational level of English.

📌 Duties of girls in Lebanon

  • Working hours are from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM (may vary depending on the club).
  • Girls must arrive at the club in advance with evening makeup and hairstyle, wearing a beautiful dress.
  • Girls work on passive consumption, waiting to be called to the guests’ table.
  • Hostesses engage in conversations with the guests, drink the beverages ordered by them, and maintain conversation.
  • For girls who do not consume alcohol, non-alcoholic consumption is available.
  • Fluency in the English language is mandatory.
  • One day off per week is provided by prior arrangement with the administration (no more than 4 days off per month).
  • On the day off, girls can leave the hotel premises only from 1:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Before 1:00 PM and after 7:30 PM, the girls must stay within the hotel premises.
  • Throughout Lebanon, the “day off” system is in place, where a club guest can invite a girl to a restaurant, cafe, or any event specifically during the nighttime, compensating for her absence from the club. Such “day off” is strictly regulated by the immigration service and club administration.

📌 Additional nuances during work in Lebanon

During their work as hostesses in nightclubs in Lebanon, there are no strict rules. At the beginning, girls from the Prestige Model Agency receive assistance with their work. However, if a girl is unable to cope with the job and causes financial losses, she may be dismissed before the contract ends.

Work in Lebanon is more active from April-May to November, so in order to earn well, it is advisable to go on a contract during this time.

❣ Accommodation is provided for hostesses in hotels, with 3-4 girls per room. The rooms have everything necessary for a comfortable stay: bed linen, towels, shower, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi! The cost of accommodation is $250 per month.

💰 How much do girls earn in Lebanon

The earnings for hostesses in nightclubs in Lebanon from the Prestige Model Agency range from $2500-$3000 per month.

  • The salary usually amounts to $1200-$1500 (depending on the club) and is agreed upon during the approval process.
  • Salary payment is made once a month.
  • Commissions and bonuses from beverages are paid daily.
  • Tips belong to the girls.
  • For 30 minutes of passive consumption, girls receive $5, and for 1 hour, they receive $10.
  • For 40 open bottles of champagne per month, the girl receives a bonus of $100, and for 60 bottles of champagne, she receives $200.
  • An additional bonus of $25 is provided for Moët champagne.
Vacancy Earnings
Hostess from $2500 – $3000
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Questions and answers

We have added to our list such professions as webcam model, hostess, go-go dancer, vocalist, PJ in a nightclub.

Taking into account the fact that technical professions do not bring high incomes, we advise to get education in a creative direction. Actress of theatre and cinema, singer, fashion designer, designer, vocalist or dancer. These are the professions that can open up a wide range of opportunities for girls.

Due to their physical, mental and psychological characteristics, girls are predisposed to some professions more than men. We advise girls to consider female professions in such directions as creative, humanitarian and office.

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