Jobs for girls in Macedonia

Работа для девушек в Македонии

🚩 When considering working in a nightclub abroad, girls with no experience in European contracts rarely think of Macedonia. It is a small country and is not among the top wealthiest states in Europe. Nevertheless, in Macedonia, dancers and hostesses can work successfully and earn well. What is the secret of profitable work for girls in Macedonian clubs? It lies in the locals and visitors of the country. Native Macedonians go to work in Germany, Switzerland, and other developed countries in the European Union, and upon their return, they are ready to enjoy quality leisure and spend money on entertainment in their home country.

📌 Documents required for employment

🚩 For girls from Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, and other EU countries, entry into Macedonia does not require additional visa arrangements. Upon arrival, the club handles the registration for dancers and hostesses, as well as a work permit valid for 1 month, with the possibility of extension up to 90 days.

For girls from Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, entry into Macedonia is possible with a national visa or a work visa. Getting a tourist visa is easy based on an invitation provided by the club and agency! You only need to take 2 photos and apply to the Macedonian embassy in Moscow (for dancers from Russia), Nur-Sultan (for dancers from Kazakhstan), or any other country with a Macedonian embassy (for applicants from Belarus).

Work permits for dancers and hostesses in Macedonia can be arranged without your presence in the country. The work visa is issued for one year. The entire application process is handled by the agency, and you will need a minimal set of documents: a certificate of completing 11 years of education or a diploma and a criminal record certificate with an apostille. The work visa in Macedonia is completely free for girls, provided they work for a year.

🚩 Dancers and hostesses in Macedonian clubs work legally from day one.

📌 Working conditions and earnings level for girls in Macedonian clubs

“High” season in Macedonian nightclubs usually falls on July-August and the period from late November to early January – the vacation period for Macedonians and Albanians working in the EU.

🚩 Earnings in Macedonia are quite impressive even by European standards. During the peak season in a Macedonian nightclub, a girl can earn up to €8,000, while during the “club off-season,” earnings are lower, ranging from €2,500 to €4,000.

When considering job vacancies in Macedonian nightclubs, it is worth noting that entertainment establishments in this country are divided into two categories:

  • The first ones who offer girls a job as hostesses with consumption are clubs with live music;
  • The second ones are clubs that seek dancers (with the possibility of combining strip dance and lap dance with consumption) – lap dance clubs.

🚩 A big advantage for girls is that the administration of most clubs prefers dancers and hostesses to work sober. Therefore, bartenders serve water, juices, and non-alcoholic cocktails (sometimes with a hint of alcohol for aroma) to the staff. If you are looking for an option with non-alcoholic consumption – Macedonia is the place for you.
The club’s management is always on the side of the girls, so rest assured that no one will mistreat you.

Knowledge of the official language is not a mandatory requirement for working as a hostess in Macedonian clubs. Macedonian is a straightforward language, and within a couple of weeks of work, girls start to understand the speech of locals and can communicate with them. Another linguistic advantage is that Macedonians use Cyrillic script, so Russian-speaking girls feel comfortable and quickly adapt to the country. Knowing basic English is desirable but not strictly necessary.

An interesting fact is that many popular nightclubs in Macedonia are not located in cities but between them. This location is convenient for guests and beneficial for clubs. Guests can easily reach their favorite club, and the club itself can welcome visitors from several populated areas at once.

📌 A few words about the guests

🚩 Club guests are usually locals – Macedonians, Albanians, Serbs, and occasionally, foreigners (Macedonia is not very popular among European tourists). An interesting nuance is that Macedonians and Albanians embrace the spirit of “competition” and strive to outdo each other in everything. When they come to a nightclub, they also compete – whose table has more beautiful dancers, who is wealthier (meaning, who can spend more money on entertainment and treats), and the girls make quite a good earning from this.

📌 Accommodation Conditions

🚩 Most nightclubs provide free accommodation for girls in hotel rooms. Dancers and hostesses are only required to pay a hotel tax of 100 Macedonian denars per day (approximately €1.6 at the current exchange rate). This amount includes room cleaning, towel and bed linen replacement.

📌 Features of Working in “Music Live” Clubs

Girls in “Music Live” clubs are responsible for interacting with guests and consumption. Essentially, beautifully dressed girls move around the hall, trying to attract the attention of guests by dancing near their tables. Full-fledged dance routines with choreographic elements are not required, nor is removing anything. It’s enough to move to the music.

🚩 Live music is always played in the club, and there are performances by singers. Musicians and singers are typically locals. The main earnings come from tips. While working on consumption in Macedonia, hostesses collect about 10% of tips from visitors, and the singer receives 90%. In terms of money, total tips can reach up to €5,000-€8,000 per night!

In most clubs, hostesses, singers, and musicians pool their tips in a single “cash box” during their shift, and the money is divided equally among everyone at the end. With this system, during the peak season, each hostess can receive the following tips per shift:

  • €100-€250 from Thursday to Saturday inclusive – these days have the highest number of visitors in nightclubs;
  • €50-€130 on weekdays and Sundays.

Some establishments use a system with individually numbered tip boxes for each girl.

📌 Features of Working in “Lap Dance” Clubs

Most lap dance clubs are located in the city of Ohrid, as well as between the cities of Tetovo and Gostivar.

🚩 The dress code for dancers is quite simple – they need to wear erotic underwear for dancing. Girls also communicate with guests in their underwear or wear a robe or sexy dressing gown over it.

🚩 Typically, the shift starts at a common table for the girls.

Here they can sit down, get ready for work, and have a cocktail to set the mood.

When the DJ turns the music louder, it’s a sign for the dancers to go to the guests. Girls approach the tables and dance (without stripping).

Then the music becomes quieter, signaling the end of the dance at the table. Girls can take a break – sit at their table, freshen up, take a “smoke break,” or stay with guests if they treat the dancer to champagne or order a cocktail for her.

Additionally, dancers in Macedonia can earn extra from private dances, with earnings ranging from 20 to 40 euros per track.

For consumption in Macedonia, the same percentage is applied. For any drink, the dancer receives a fixed amount of 200 denars, which is approximately €3.30.

💰 Tips in Macedonian clubs are split 50/50 between the dancer and the establishment.
Macedonian clubs are happy to employ attractive girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and the Baltic countries. There are also many dancers and hostesses from Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Albania.

💰 Monthly Earnings for Girls in Macedonia

🚩 Young girls aged 18 to 32 can expect the following monthly income:

Hostessfrom €2,500 – €5,000


from €4,000 – €8,000
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Questions and answers

BumpedFont15">BumpedFont15">BumpedFont15"> most active in summer - from May to October (influx of tourists and tourist season), in winter - on New Year's Eve - December, January strong>(locals return home for holidays from Europe and are happy to overspend, the phrase: "I treat everyone" is especially popular here!

Working as dancers for girls in Macedonia allows andimprovise and work in a mini, with a bright accent on the details - heels, jewelry, matching makeup/ hairstyle.

Working in Macedonia for girls (Tetovo, Hostivar, Ohrid) is active consumption, in music bars dancing is nothing more than maintaining the atmosphere on the dance floor, no solo numbers or stage costumes.

How much a girl will earn depends on a whole range of factors. The main ones are appearance, the ability to actively communicate and express yourself, and, of course, the right contract. According to statistics, you can earn a hostess job:

-$1500-1800 per monthif the girl chooses contracts in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, remote destinations with an average level of popularity among wealthy tourists;

-2000- 3400 USD for those who work in Spain, Macedonia, Jordan, get a job in nightclubs and bars in Cyprus, Singapore and South Korea.

If you are interested in a higher paying job for girls abroad, you can pay attention to the vacancies of strip dancers. In South Africa, Greece, Germany, Albania, Switzerland, as well as in Malta, girls who dance the strip earn from 3,000 US dollars per month and more.

To find the perfect contract for yourself, it is not enough to study the statistics of earnings and determine the largest. In every country, in every club there are a number of requirements for applicants, features of the mentality and a number of nuances of work. You need to correctly correlate your capabilities, external data and talents with the wishes of the employer - then the contract will be profitable and leave a pleasant impression. That is why Prestige Agency managers select contracts individually for each girl .

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