Jobs for girls in Vietnam

Jobs for girls in Vietnam

🚩 Vietnam is an amazing country of contrasts and discoveries, located in Southeast Asia. Picturesque landscapes, ancient historical sites, mysterious caves and azure beaches, as well as exotic cuisine make Vietnam popular among tourists from all over the world. The country thrives nightlife in cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, on the island of Phu Quoc. Working for girls in Vietnam will not only be a great opportunity to make good money, but also give an incredible experience of living in an amazing Asian country.

📌 What documents do girls need to work in Vietnam

🚩On girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic countries and the EU are invited to work as dancers and hostesses in nightclubs in Vietnam.

  • Girls need to have a valid foreign passport.
  • Border crossing with Vietnam is allowed for 15 days without prior tourist visa processing for citizens of Russia and Belarus.
  • Citizens of Ukraine and the Baltic States need to obtain a tourist visa to Vietnam at the embassy of their country before flying.
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  • It is possible to extend the term of a tourist visa up to 3 months by obtaining a ran-visa. For girls from the Prestige Model Agency, the administration of the clubs will help to extend the visa.

The employer ensures legal employment and compliance with labor laws. When working for more than three months, it is possible to extend the visa at the expense of the employer with the mutual consent of the parties.

If a girl fulfills a 6-month contract, a flight is provided at the expense of the club in both directions, as well as medical insurance. Girls are met at the airport and provided with a free transfer.

📌 What vacancies are there for girls in Vietnam from Prestige Model Agency

🚩 To work as a strip dancer, go-go, party girl with consummation and girls of any type from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, as well as other CIS and EU countries are required to the clubs of Vietnam. To work in nightclubs in Vietnam, girls are considered that meet the following parameters:

  • Age 20-30 years.
  • Height from 165 cm .
  • Attractive Slavic appearance is a priority.
  • Sociable and friendly.
  • The presence of at least three dance costumes.
  • Girls Applicants for a strip dancer position must have dance experience.

For approval, you must provide a video presentation in English, a photo without glasses, including a full-length selfie, a photo in a bikini, a dance video required, as well as an Instagram account.

📌 Consumption in Vietnam

🚩 Girls in Vietnam work on active consumption. This means that the girl herself approaches the guests and tries to interest them in her company. Passive consumption in the clubs of Vietnam is not provided. For girls who do not drink alcohol, non-alcoholic consumption is possible.

📌 What kind of men will girls communicate with in Vietnam

Working as a dancer in nightclubs in Vietnam, girls will communicate mainly with local businessmen. Very often clubs are visited by wealthy tourists from different countries. To be able to keep up a conversation with the guests, the girls must know English at least at a basic level. Knowledge of other foreign languages ​​is welcome.

📌 What are the duties of girls in Vietnam

  • Working hours from 22.00 to 5.00 (may vary depending on the club ).
  • Girls must appear at work in advance with evening make-up and hair, in a beautiful dress.
  • One day off per week is provided in agreement with the employer (the schedule may change, but the girls work in according to labor law).
  • For strip and go-go dancers, there are 4-6 exits per shift (time to be agreed depending on the situation in the club).
  • Knowledge of dance styles preferably.
  • Some clubs have static pylons.
  • Strip dancers dance topless on stage.
  • A minimum level of English is required.
  • Girls work on active consumption (non-alcoholic consumption is possible).
  • Some clubs have a VIP room where a guest can invite a girl.

📌 Additional nuances while working in Vietnam

There is no seasonality in Vietnam, so girls are required to work all year round. Work for girls in Vietnam provides free accommodation at the expense of the employer in comfortable apartments with a swimming pool next to the club. No more than two girls are accommodated in the rooms. Girls are offered two or three meals a day for free.

🚩 Relations on a contract between girls are different. There is always healthy competition. But employers are trying to maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere in the team, so calm and non-conflict girls are required to work in Vietnamese clubs.

Recently, many people go to work in crypto companies in Vietnam, Malaysia, Dubai. We strongly recommend that you think carefully before choosing detailed contracts. In most cases, crypto companies take away girls’ passports, and also provide accommodation in closed areas that cannot be left.This means that when going on a contract, you will be tied to only one employer. such as the Prestige Model Agency, girls do not depend on anyone, keeping all documents with them.

Reliable agencies provide fully legal employment, compliance with labor laws and freedom of movement. Moreover, girls are not tied to a single employer. Some clubs in Vietnam, if desired, even allow you to earn extra money in other institutions of the city.

💰 How much do girls earn in Vietnam

❣ According to the girls for Prestige Modeling Agency, the earnings of dancers in Vietnam < b>reaches $3000-5000.

  • The minimum wage (rate) is $900.
  • Some clubs offer guaranteed payments per day in the amount of $60.
  • All tips girls keep.
  • Girls receive 10-50% for consummation.
Vacancy Income
Dancers from 3000 – 5000 $
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Questions and answers

We have added to our list such professions as webcam model, hostess, go-go dancer, vocalist, PJ in a nightclub.

Taking into account the fact that technical professions do not bring high incomes, we advise to get education in a creative direction. Actress of theatre and cinema, singer, fashion designer, designer, vocalist or dancer. These are the professions that can open up a wide range of opportunities for girls.

Due to their physical, mental and psychological characteristics, girls are predisposed to some professions more than men. We advise girls to consider female professions in such directions as creative, humanitarian and office.

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