Ten tips for traveling abroad

sovety_puteshestvennikuMobile communications. Find out how your carrier’s roaming works in the country you’re traveling to and make sure you have enough money in your account. Or, immediately upon arrival, get a local operator card. Language. Download a phrasebook to your phone or grab a hard copy in case you don’t have internet. It would not be superfluous to learn in advance a few dozen phrases in the language of the country you are going to, such as: “where is it?”, “How to get there?”, “Can you help me?” Navigation. Download to your phone or take with you paper maps of the area where you are going, especially if these are not large cities, but rugged terrain: mountains, forests, jungles, etc. Electronic accessories. If you are taking any equipment with you besides your phone – a laptop or tablet, make sure you bring chargers. Also, in some countries, plugs and sockets are of a different format, so check this issue in advance and buy an adapter before leaving or immediately upon arrival in the country. Get ready to make new friends. When you go on the road, take some cheap, light-weight souvenirs from home with you. You can always give them: to a roommate, a random fellow traveler, a taxi driver, the owner of a small bar, etc., in order to make an acquaintance and improve your attitude towards yourself. Maybe some of these acquaintances will even develop into a strong friendship. Beauty and health. Don’t forget to bring personal hygiene items, some medicines and necessary accessories. Depending on the climate of the country you are traveling to, take creams and products to moisturize and cleanse the skin, and products for the eyes. Of the accessories, the main thing is sunglasses. Clothes and shoes. Choose items wisely so that the same item goes with several others. Do not collect too many outfits, because you have to carry them back and forth, and returning with a sore back from a trip is the last thing. Choose shoes that are as comfortable as possible and, if possible, without high heels. Another indispensable thing is a plaid scarf, you can wear it on a cool evening and use it as an accessory. Sleep and rest. When traveling, it is very important to get enough sleep, because the body already spends a lot of resources and good sleep is the key to health. Therefore, it is simply necessary to bring a sleep mask and earplugs with you. This kit can save you both on the road, from loud fellow travelers or children on a train or plane, and from neighbors in a hotel or hostel. Travel documents. Buy a ticket in advance, don’t put it off for the last week before departure. By booking them a few months in advance, you can, firstly, save a lot by buying them on one of the frequently held promotions, and secondly, you will save yourself from a headache if suddenly there are no tickets before departure. One of the Prestige Model Agency managers can help you buy tickets. Safety. Wear less jewelry on the road and keep an eye on your wallet and purse. Don’t keep all your money and credit cards in one place. Not all countries can boast of a zero level of street crime. In many large European cities there are pickpockets who are just waiting for gaping visitors.

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Questions and answers

Хостес должна заботиться о комфорте гостей в заведении, удовлетворяя их требованиям и запросам, приветствовать и сопровождать людей к столикам, управлять бронированием мест, обеспечивать правильное распределение посетителей, и в целом, создавать приятную атмосферу и первое положительное впечатление о месте.

Для работы хостес важно обладать отличными коммуникативными навыками и знанием английского языка, даже если наниматель из СНГ, поскольку общаться придется не только с местными жителями, но и туристами. Не менее важны презентабельный внешний вид, грамотная речь и хорошая дикция. Детали можно уточнить у менеджеров нашего агентства.

Зарплата хостес зависит от множества факторов, включая страну трудоустройства, класс заведения, опыт работы и уровень обслуживания. В среднем хостесы могут зарабатывать от 7 до 15 долларов в час, плюс чаевые. В некоторых эксклюзивных ресторанах и ночных клубах ставка бывает в разы выше. В среднем зарплата хостес за рубежом колеблется от 3000 до 4500 долларов США в месяц.

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