Our dear girls and partners, the Prestige Model Agency team wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

We wish the New Year to be better, more fruitful and more fun than all previous years. The main thing in this life is to believe in yourself and your abilities, and everyone has opportunities if you want it! We wish everyone a lot of happiness in 2019 and a lot of travel, and traveling while earning is even better. The #PrestigeModelAgency command will always help you with this. And by tradition, let’s sum up the outgoing 2018! For the Prestige Model Agency team and for many of you, he was cool!!! What has been done this year cannot fit in one post, and the time of #partyhard and chopping Olivier , not up reading. Let’s be brief – during the year more than 1900 girls were successfully registered, of which about 68% returned to the contract, which we are very proud of, although we continue to improve – no one has such indicators, #competitorsweeds . New directions launched – #Mauritius , #South Africa , #Maldives , #Mali and only #PrestigeModelAgency In 2018 – the agency acted as an official partner of the contest #QueenKharkov and presented her two contestants at the international competition #MissEuropeContinental Thanks to this year and to everyone who stays with us, who follows the development and writes kind comments) we really appreciate and value each of you! Let #NewYear2019 will become even brighter, even cooler and bring universal happiness to everyone!) With love, your agency “ Prestige Model Agency”

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Questions and answers

В среднем модели могут зарабатывать от 1700 до 2000 долларов в месяц плюс премии. Это среднестатистическая ставка, но если тусовка у шейха, то заработок всего за пару дней может быть в два раза больше.

Основные требования к девушкам - модельная внешность, отсутствие татуировок и силикона, рост от 174 см, возраст от 18 до 23 лет, умение флиртовать, веселиться. Девушки не должны быть скучными. С ними легко в разговоре, они яркий фейерверк и магнит для мужчин на тусовках.

Модельные тусовки - это мероприятия, на которых красивые и привлекательные девушки создают атмосферу веселья и праздника, развлекают гостей клуба или закрытой вечеринки своим присутствием и танцами.

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