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Every profession has its own unique slang. Hostesses and strip dancers are no exception. Therefore, when planning to go to work abroad on their first contract, girls often hear a lot of professional words from their manager that cause bewilderment.

The best advice in such situations is not to be shy to ask. It’s better to ask a few clarifying questions in advance than to face surprises when you actually arrive to work in a club abroad.

Specialists of the Prestige Model Agency have prepared a small dictionary for girls who are looking for work abroad.

Salida (salida) – Literally translated from Spanish as “departure”. Salida in Spanish nightclubs refers to meetings with guests outside the establishment. What do such dates include, how long do they last, how are they paid – and other subtleties and nuances are best specified in a particular institution. In different bars and clubs, the scale of permissibility can be drastically different.

Rendezvous (rendezvous) – in French, this word means “date”. The “rendezvous system”, like the salida, is dating guests outside the institution where the girl works. The term “rendezvous” is used in nightclubs in France, as well as in Turkey and Cyprus.

Ransom, buyout, escortare terms similar to rendezvous and salida. In general, they mean that the girl spends time with a guest outside the nightclub or bar where she works – and does this in agreement with the management for an additional fee. What exactly do they include such meetings – it is worth asking for each specific club separately.

Separe (separe) / Private – the term is used in all establishments where there are separate booths (vip-room or something similar) . Assumes the possibility of seclusion in a small room. During a private or separe, a girl can simply communicate intelligently with a guest or perform a private dance for him – again, it depends on which club or a bar in question.

Garçon (garcon) – in direct translation from French means “messenger boy”. In bars and clubs almost all over the world, this word is used to refer to waiters. While working abroad, girls often hear this term.

Boss – this word definitely does not require translation, but there is a nuance. In the club industry, almost any employee whose status is even slightly higher than a waiter can call himself a boss. face is a must. In Turkish nightclubs and bars, you should pay attention to those who are addressed with the prefix “-bey” (for example, “Alihan Bey”, “Mustafa Bey”). “-bey” in Turkish (and languages close to it) is a designation of a person’s high status, this should be treated with the utmost respect and communicated with the utmost courtesy.

Here we have collected the necessary minimum of words that you should know when planning to go to work abroad under a contract. Having learned them, the girl will definitely feel more confident when communicating with the manager and choosing a club.

And what incomprehensible words and expressions have you come across in the club industry? What terms should be added to this dictionary? Write to us in the comments. Prestige agency specialists will be happy to explain in detail the meanings of all the tricky phrases from the world of the club business.

A big advantage of Greek contracts for dancers and hostesses is the opportunity to work without drinking alcohol at all. By agreement with the bartender or the administration of the institution, the girl will be brought fake drinks or highly diluted cocktails with a drop of alcohol (for smell). So even if a girl for some reason does not want to drink alcohol, she can successfully work in a nightclub or bar in Greece.

Yes, but there is a caveat. In the past, many strip clubs in Greece had full-time choreographers who taught beginner dancers. Now in most institutions this practice has been abandoned. If you have no experience in the strip at all, then before leaving for such a contract, it is better to practice at least a little.

At the same time, if a girl is plastic, flexible, loves to dance and is confident in her abilities, she can easily be hired in a strip club in Greece. Without experience, you can even get into the TOP institution.

By the way, during the contract, the dancers often train together after hours, share their experiences, come up with interesting dance sequences, hone the art of improvisation on stage – this is very helpful for novice strip dancers.

Yes. The Prestige Agency can offer girls several options for entertainment venues in Greece, where hostess models are required – without mandatory dances in the contract.

Working in Greece for girls is similar to contracts in Cyprus – in order to earn a lot on a hostess job, you need to be active and speak good spoken English.

Sorry, no. Finding a job with passive consummation in Europe is already quite difficult for a girl – this type of consummation is unpopular and is being practiced less and less. Austria is no exception. When working under a contract in Austria, you need to be ready to be active, communicate with guests.

Completely alcohol-free contracts for hostesses in Austria neither. This is true both for TOP youth clubs, where people from Turkey gather, and for respectable establishments with a purely Austrian audience. The ability to drain drinks, distract guests and other tricks of an experienced hostess will help keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, but you won’t be able to completely give up alcohol.

Austrian nightclubs come to a variety of visitors – by age, status, wealth, manner of communication. Consumer work in Austria involves dealing with a large number of expats from Turkey. This is a very active and noisy crowd that loves to relax in local bars – so at least minimal knowledge Turkish will come in handy.

If a girl is looking for a job in Austria in order to better learn spoken German or, in principle, prefers to communicate only with Europeans, this should be reported to her manager at the stage of consultations and selection of a contract. In this case, the agency will select a contract with a bar or a nightclub, where the majority of regular guests are Austrians.

Of course. Now the Prestige Agency cooperates with ten entertainment establishments in Austria that employ without a European passport. Find a job as a hostess in a club You can get a job in Austria or get a job as a strip dancer without complicated issuance of permits – a tourist visa with a validity period of 1 month or more is enough.

BumpedFont15″>BumpedFont15″>BumpedFont15″> most active in summer – from May to October (influx of tourists and tourist season), in winter – on New Year’s Eve – December, January strong>(locals return home for holidays from Europe and are happy to overspend, the phrase: “I treat everyone” is especially popular here!

Working as dancers for girls in Macedonia allows andimprovise and work in a mini, with a bright accent on the details – heels, jewelry, matching makeup/ hairstyle.

Working in Macedonia for girls (Tetovo, Hostivar, Ohrid) is active consumption, in music bars dancing is nothing more than maintaining the atmosphere on the dance floor, no solo numbers or stage costumes.

Yes, there are some establishments where even the bosses can understand and explain themselves a little in Russian, and also – it is not uncommon to meet guests who previously studied / are currently studying in Russian-speaking universities, or have their own business in the CIS countries. Therefore, work for Russian-speaking girls in Jordanso in demand.

Unfortunately, at the moment, clubs do not have such an opportunity and models – hostesses in Jordan work on a tourist visa.

Yes, of course, all hostess models in Amman have the opportunity to rent an apartment in any city area. В free from jobs hostess in Jordan timegirls left to themselves.

Work girls in clubs and bars Cyprus assumes active consummation.

Minimum termwork hostess in Cyprusis 1 month.

On the Greek part of the island there is a so-called “rendezvous system”, i.e. meetings with guests outside the club or bar, during working or non-working hours, by agreement.

This format jobs for girls in Cyprus helps to keep the guest’s interest and motivates him to return to the club again and again.

For a rendezvous, the guest must put a certain number of glasses, but there is no additional charge, the club model has the opportunity to refuse a rendezvous.

According to reviews, hostess work on consumption in Italy has no clear seasonality em>, but between us girls – it’s better to plan your trip to work in Italy for the period from mid-September to May/June, because in the summer months, and especially in July and August, the holiday season begins in the country and all the locals leave with their large families, not wanting to spend money on clubs and discos.
Very good earnings, also during the New Year holidays.

There is such a thing as paid dinners/dates. Cena/serata.

Literally cena(chena) – dinner, serata (serata) – evening. When inviting you to dinner, the guest of the club means DINNER, it is so common that many Italians reduce the entire meal of the day to one huge feast – closer to the night.

The essence of work on consummation in Italy for the meeting to be scheduled during business hours, then the guest pays club during your absence, and you, eating deliciously, get +++ to your pay sheet, i.e. “the soldier is sleeping, the service is on”, namely – you are at dinner, but consumption is counted for every 20 minutes your absence from the workplace. Cool, right?) and save on products and earn money, and chat)

Consumption club life in Italy often differs from what we are used to seeing in party bars in Cyprus, Jordan or, for example, Singapore. Accordingly, work hostesses in Italy has its own nuances.

The local establishments are more like restaurants with musical accompaniment, the guests are a respectable audience over 60, sometimes – very far “for”))) clubs are rarely massively crowded to the state of “not pushing through”, because here it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality (solvency) of the audience.

Some jobs for girls in Spain providesystemy payments with fireproof monthly guarantee.

It works in such a way that if in a month the hostess earns a total amount less than the fireproof guarantor, then the club pays her the difference and the girl GUARANTEED receives the minimum salary, while subject to a full month’s work.

But most bars in Spain pay 50% off the amount of the guest’s check, which is very motivating to work actively and productively, because there is no upper limit and maximum how much you can earn.

Average earnings with work in Spain for women in season is from 150 to 350 euros per shift.

No, “hot cons”, or as it is also called consumation with touch i.e. with the ability to touch girls is not forbidden in any way) – more popular in the coastal areas of El Ejido and rarely found in the bars of Lleida and Granada.

Yes, of course, The opportunity to relax on the shores of Andalusia is an indisputable advantage when choosing a contract in Spain. For example, bars in El Ejido provide free accommodation within walking distance of the beaches, and the schedule is work in Spain for girls until 4 am – allows you to sleep and sunbathe, because in their free time, girls are not limited in their movements by anyone.

Unfortunately, we all know that work cannot be legal on a tourist visa, According to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, consummation is prohibited and checks by the migration police are possible in the clubs.

As a rule, club bosses are notified in advance of upcoming inspections and management has the ability to warn the girls not to go to work, or leave the club premises.

But if, nevertheless, the police came and the girls were asked for passports (and they must be in your hands), then with a probability of 99.9% deportation will be announced.

Deportation from Turkey does not involve any stamps in your passport and will not spoil your visa history, but includes imprisonment in isolation chambers and a medical examination, this whole unpleasant story usually takes from 3 to 10 working days, after which work in Turkey for women coming to an end – they are sent home. The administration of the club collects things from hotels, pays a salary for the days worked (if your agent, of course, tries to deal with this issue) and sends it all to the airport.

The ban on entering Turkey varies and ranges from 1 to 5 years , after which you can return to the country again.

In Turkey, clubs provide free accommodation in apart-hotels or apartments, with everything you need for a comfortable stay: kitchen , wi-fi, air conditioning, washing machine or laundry service, plus jobs in Turkey for girls – as a rule, club bosses select apartments within walking distance from work so that girls do not have to spend time and money on the road.

Unfortunately, clubs don’t have the opportunity to settle downto workto Istanbul for girls only possible with a tourist visa.

As a rule, the minimum period of work in Turkish clubs is 1 month, on an individual basis, employment for a period of 2 weeks, maximum, depending on your citizenship, citizens of the Republic of Belarus can stay without a break for 30 days, citizens of the Russian Federation – 60 days, citizens of Ukraine – 90 days, etc.

If you are interested in progress for girls in Turkey for a longer period, then there is always a opportunity to open a work visa to clubs in Izmir, Ankara or Adana and work legally from 3 to 12 months with the right to leave.

we do not select girls for contracts live, but rely only on the material you provide, the photo and video that you attach to the questionnaire is the most important part of it. Realities jobs for girls abroad today are such that age restrictions in most clubs are no longer of such fundamental importance, because. sometimes a girl at 33 looks no worse than a young model of 18 years old … just like the reverse situation, by the way, is also possible. No matter how old you are, it is very important to prepare good, high-quality pictures that show you in all your glory.

Of course, if it is possible to hire a professional photographer, in a team with a stylist/make-up artist – do not hesitate, the pictures will come in handy! Find Jobs as a dancer or hostess girlProfessional photos are great. But if this is not possible at the moment, it doesn’t matter. The quality of images on modern gadgets allows you to create decent material.

Key points to consider when preparing images for the questionnaire to find a job abroad:

Good lighting, preferably soft, daylight;

A modest and not flashy background, ideally if it is monochromatic, not distracting the viewer from your unearthly beauty;

Clear well-groomed skin, neat light make-up, clean hair and preppy bumped font;

Must have in in the arsenal of several full-length photos, choosing clothes that emphasize your figure, please exclude vulgar underwear, over the knee boots and floor-length dresses in boho style;

SMILE is a mandatory, integral attribute, because you are going to create a mood, and it obviously should be positive, get used to being able to smile about and without – a useful skill, in any situation;

Which photos do not fit exactly?

According to reviews, for working as a dancer, hostess in the club not a hundred send it:

– photo from the back, 3 km from the subject , wearing glasses, against the background of carpets / sideboards and other items of a grandmother’s interior, with ears / hearts / tongues with a huge overlay of filters and photoshop, distorting reality beyond recognition (keep in mind if you are not recognized upon arrival – it will be extremely difficult to help).

First, the girl fills out a questionnaire, where she indicates her preferred country and area of activity.

Agency managers select suitable vacancies based on external data of the girl and her preferences indicated in the questionnaire.

Agency managers will talk about the specifics of work in each club and each country. 9 out of 10 specialists themselves worked as artists and hostesses from the agency, and are familiar with all the features, pluses, minuses and nuances of work firsthand.

The girl is provided with data on available vacancies and detailed information about employers BEFORE employment – you choose the option for yourself.

During the contract, the girl will not be left “to her fate”: the manager will help solve almost any problem (from everyday nuances to in the spirit of poorly functioning heating in the apartment before the selection of translation options, if for some reason the work “did not work” in the selected club).

Prestige Agency can assist in transferring a girl to work in another bar or club if there are strong arguments for changing jobs.

Agency specialists always select the most comfortable working conditions for hostesses, models, dancers, strip dancers, image models, vocalists. If for some reason the work “does not go”, you should immediately contact your manager.

The manager will quickly select the most convenient and profitable options for transferring to another employer.

If you want to work in a particular club, our manager will do everything possible to get you hired there. The purpose of the Prestige Agency is to find suitable employees for direct employers. If you do not pass the casting in the club you like, our manager will select the best available option for you.

Yes, girls have the right to manage their free time as they wish. You can do any business – go shopping , sunbathing on the beach, sightseeing, hitting the gym, tasting the local cuisine in restaurants: it’s all up to you.

You should apply for a job no later than 2 weeks before departure. The optimal time is 5- 14 days before arrival date. The number of applications may exceed the number of vacancies, in this regard, the employer responds within 1-3 days.

Working hours and conditions vary by country and club. For more information, please visit:

-in your manager;

-in /.

With working conditions in different clubs around the world can be found here /clubs/.

If a girl works with an agency, then there is no need to pay at the preliminary stage. Generally. The agency does not charge any commission or other payments for its services from girls. You are going to earn, not spend, and our task is to help you with this.

For the work of a manager, you will need to pay a commission of 30% of the amount of earnings, only if it is about a one-time contract at an image party (calculation is made in cash in dollars and only after arrival). In all other situations, agency services for girls are free. So you don’t have to spend your savings.

Very often, girls, looking for work abroad, apply to several agencies at the same time! In search of better conditions, they send not only their personal data and photos, but also their passports!

Girls, remember to approvals to the club your passport is not needed, except for at sheikh parties in the UAE, where you need to verify your age!

If you are asked to throw off your passport right away, think about it, but rather immediately dismiss such requests from unfortunate agencies, otherwise it may be fraught with consequences and you sooner or later you will find your data on the Internet!

Very many examples of how unscrupulous agencies sending girls to contract abroad subsequently leak their data to the network if the latter remains unhappy with contract, more and left her feedback in the public field about the shortcomings of non-managers! Therefore You shouldn’t send your passport to just anyone if it doesn’t have needs! Also avoid sharing your data with third parties. You should send the questionnaire only to your trusted manager!

Prestige Model Agency managers are interested in maintaining the confidentiality of girls’ profiles , as they lose their jobs if leaked, and are permanently banned from similar activities at other agencies around the world.

A little secret – there is a single customer base, so after sending the questionnaire, the girl needs to be patient and wait for an invitation.

Models, hostesses and dancers are signed not with an employment contract, but with a contract.

At its core, a contract is a subspecies of an employment contract with clearly defined minimum terms. This is an official document that protects the rights of both parties to the employment relationship (both the girl and the club).

Prestige Model Agency is a legal modeling agency, and our models work only on the basis of official contracts.


All cooperation with the agency – both on the part of models and on the part of customers is documented with clearly defined obligations of the parties.

None. Prestige Model Agency never seizes documents from girls.

Neither the agency nor the club will take your passport away.

You will know in advance which institution, under what conditions and for how long you are going to work. Everything will be indicated in the contract, one copy of which the girls receive in their hands.

Passport data will be required when concluding a contract, but the document itself will always remain with you.

When going to work abroad, girls often worry about their safety.

  • Are you sure this isn’t intimate?
  • Are you sure this isn’t slavery?
  • You don’t trade people?

These questions are often asked by first-time dancers or hostess in a foreign nightclub.

We answer.

Definitely “No” to all three questions.

We guarantee 100% safety for all girls and we really can.

Prestige Model Agency exists and successfully works at the international level for more than 10 years.

We have employed several thousand girls, the agency is represented at prestigious beauty contests.

The agency values its reputation and is not interested in illegal ways of working.

Prestige Model Agency is registered in the UK, the office is located in London – everything is official and extremely transparent. Each girl works only legally under an official contract. This document contains all the data of the employer, as well as working conditions.

Our specialists check all contracts and control their execution – both from the side of the club and from the side of the girl.

A manager works with each girl. Even at the stage of choosing a vacancy, you will know the manager in person, you will know his passport data and will be able to check whether the real person is working with you. This manager will accompany your contract until its completion 24/7. You can turn to him in any situation.

In all contracts of our models, sex is strictly prohibited.

Our customers include legal entertainment establishments from all over the world. We carefully check every club we work with.

A manager is assigned to each model, who manages all applications throughout the entire time specified in the contract. In case of a conflict between the model and the manager, a solution to the problem is provided.

The administration provides for the possibility of changing the manager as soon as possible.

The choice of a manager is stipulated in the contract.

Model can independently choose any manager from the group.

The choice of country depends on many facts :

  1. Availability of visas (or the ability to quickly open). There are visa-free countries such as Turkey, Armenia, South Korea (for the Russian Federation), with the possibility of staying up to 60 days. There are countries where a visa is issued upon arrival, for example, Jordan! Simple opening of visas to Cyprus (for Russia and Ukraine we make visas free of charge and within 24 hours). The Schengen zone is now open to Ukrainians if there is a biometric passport (you can stay up to 90 days in half a year). There are contracts in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Malta, etc.
  2. Ticket price ! Tickets start from $50-500. For example, you can often find tickets from Moscow to Istanbul or Milan from $50. But to Singapore or the USA, a ticket costs around $400-500. Ticket prices can be viewed at
  3. Personal preferences for the mentality and culture of other countries.
  4. Knowledge of languages ! For example, in Cyprus or in Singapore needs a high level of English (basic, basic conversational, elementary will not work). With basic English it is possible to consider Turkey and Jordan. Or maybe you speak Spanish or Italian? Then the choice is obvious!
  5. Personal communication. If this is your first contract or you are not the most sociable person, then you should choose a system with passive consumption! If you are an active, sociable person who does not have a language barrier, then I advise you to consider active consumption.
  6. Perception of alcohol. If you don’t drink from the word “at all” , then choose: Italy, Turkey, South Korea!
  7. Living conditions ! The best conditions in Istanbul (live in a hotel 4 stars), the most modest conditions in Singapore (accommodation for 2-4 people in a room, hostel format)
  8. Opportunity to compensate for a return ticket. Singapore and South Korea offer such conditions.
  9. Meals. It is very rare for employers to provide meals. But it’s possible if you choose Istanbul!
  10. And of course the presence of the sea! Many first message notify that the most important thing is the beach! Then you can stay in Singapore (all year round) or Spain, some clubs in Italy and Turkey (during the warm season, from May to October.)

We wish you a good flight! And remember, even if work in the club, upon arrival, is not “Your option”, you will get invaluable experience of communication with different people! And if everything works out, then you will spend the next 2-3 years traveling around the world 🙂

Prestige Agency recommends 2 destinations Italy and Turkey.

  • Ticket prices from Kyiv from $100
  • Free Housing
  • You can drink soft drinks


Features of models in Italy?

  • Schengen visa or biometric passport required
  • Meals at own expense
  • Payment of salary once every 2 weeks
  • Italian is quite simple
  • Italians love compliments
  • Schedule from 22:00 to 04:00
  • In Italy, clubs with active consumption and mixed.
  • In Italy, girls are invited by the waiter.

Peculiarities of working in Turkey

  • Visa-free regime, you can apply for a visa
  • Meals at the expense of the club
  • Salary payment once a week ( +% for glasses without a rate)
  • Leaving home after 13:00
  • Turks love courting girls
  • I speak English in Turkey, and some speak Russian.
  • Sigorta 1 day a week


When choosing a job in a club abroad, it is naive to believe that everyone around you will understand your native language. Ignorance of the language is often the main barrier to the life that every traveler dreams of. But this does not mean at all that if in your school years you “wasted your time in foreign lessons”, now everything is lost for you. Work abroad on consummation without knowledge of spoken English(Turkish, Italian, French, German, etc.) IT IS POSSIBLE!

Although, of course, having at least a basic level of training, you will feel much more comfortable as a hostess. It is pointless to hide this fact.

So what to do? If it suddenly happened that your language level is not enough or you are simply not sure that you can handle it, start with preparation. Yes, yes, it was not the Gods who burned the pots, as they say! It’s never too late to learn. There are a huge number of paid and free sources, courses and tutorials where you can improve your knowledge. Registration on a foreign dating site can also help in the practical application of knowledge. And also – in further work on consumption)) just correctly indicate your location and “prepare the ground”)) For example, if you are going to conquer Istanbul – choose a location somewhere in its open spaces and wait for a flurry of messages) Merhaba, dear!))

Second, in order to work in a consummation club, girls do not need to communicate on highly intellectual topics and parry in business terms. On the contrary, the simpler, the often better! Keep in mind that most of the guests, when communicating in English, are not native speakers of this language and, due to their gender, it is extremely uncomfortable for them to feel their gaps in knowledge in front of such a beautiful lady. Express yourself simply, let the guest feel that he is cooler and you will be happy.

Third – the environment is conducive. It’s just how it works when everyone around speaks a language other than your own, if you want – if you don’t want to, talk. And this rule applies to everyone without exception. Having gone on a contract, do not limit yourself to communicating exclusively with fellow countrywomen, go out to people, get to know the locals, believe me, an open sincere smile affects everyone.

Well, the fourth is work abroad as a club hostess models are about mood. And it is much easier and easier to communicate on a primitive level with a cheerful, kind and smiling girl, how you look and how you treat guests is a much more important point. The factor of key importance is how READY you are in principle to learn and COMMUNICATE, do not be shy about your mistakes, make them your priority areas and remember, the courage to be funny decorates you

Consumption is an entertainment service for young girls in nightclubs and establishments. Consumation girls are called Hostess. The duties of the Hostess at consummation include communication with a male guest of a club or bar.

How consummation happens

Remember yourself in the club as a guest. You are a beauty, you were going to the mirror for 3 hours – makeup, manicure, hairstyle and stunning outfit. And so you come to the club, dance, behave at ease, smile. A guy comes up to you and buys a cocktail. What are you doing?Communicating with this man while drinking a margarita or champagne. He really likes to chat with you, and he orders again. So this is the real consummation. Only when it happens in ordinary life, the motives of this guy are unknown, and apart from nightly adventures and a morning hangover, you get nothing. When this work, then everything is very clear. The guest comes to the club to take a break from work and family everyday life and routine. He knows where and why he is going and how much he is willing to spend. What he needs from you is not sex for a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, he just wants to chat with a nice interesting girl, forget about problems, relax, treat her with drinks. And you get paid. And the more you like, the more the guest orders and the higher your percentage. Salaries are quite high, especially for girls from the CIS countries who have never seen such money in their homeland. On average, a girl earns from $2,000 a month without much effort.

But you still need to understand that consumption is work, not entertainment , and there are some nuances.

Firstly, you need to be able to present yourself so that the guest has no doubts that you are decent and interesting. Do not invite uninteresting girls will, and accordingly, it will be unprofitable for the club to keep a girl who does not bring profit to the club. And the boss can reduce the rate or even fire him.

Secondly, you need to be able to strike up a conversation and listen carefully to the guest. With all this, it is necessary to understand why the guest came to the club. Sometimes a man comes to pour out his soul. It happens. Someone to chat with a beautiful girl, someone to stare at the show. You just need to listen to someone and smile, laugh with someone and watch videos on Youtube or dance. Therefore, each guest needs his own approach.

Thirdly, consummation is a story more about alcohol. Many people do not like that the girl does not drink. Therefore, you need to understand that sometimes you have to do this. But there are always tricks. Somewhere you can drain, somewhere you can ask the bartender not to pour a lot of alcohol.

Fourthly, some girls do not know how to take tips, gifts or accept compliments from men. They begin to blush and are shy, others behave like beggars. Balance is needed everywhere. Train your femininity. A true woman should be able to accept presents, elegantly hint at her “Wishlist”, flirt innocently and be inaccessible at the same time. Let a man take care of you.

This is all the “wisdom” of consummation. As you can see, there is nothing terrible and reprehensible here. Consumation has nothing to do with intimacy.

Starting models can earn from $1000. Earnings depend on many factors. You must initially determine your goal of being on the contract. This will help determine the pace of work and the people who should surround you.

1) I came to hang out, see the country and a standard salary is enough for me;

2) I set myself up for a high income.

If you like emotions and new experiences, it will be interesting for you with young guys. If you need a good income and gifts, then an older man is also required. You don’t have to go on a date with the first prince you meet! Let him go to the club first, and then you will understand for yourself whether it is possible to go outside or a restaurant with him at all. Do not forget! Are you at work. And he knows you’re at work! And if you don’t know, it’s better for you, then most of the trump cards are in your hands. This is a great game! Can you charm him, and he pretend to believe you? The most important thing is the result of your work, your income. Clearly define who you are in this chain! Predator, party animal or prey.

Predator – earns a lot thanks to the right strategy in dealing with men.

Party animal – works for the sake of the minimum salary, but likes to watch something new and interesting.

Victim – another fool who will believe the visitor of the club, who went, goes and will go there for new girls.

The choice is yours!)

A private strip dancer is not just an erotic dance, it is a dance that awakens a storm of fantasies and desires of a club guest. In our agency, intimacy and its manifestations are prohibited. The level of accessibility depends directly on the girl model.

One of the main components of the income of strip dancers.

How does it work? Let’s say you liked the guest of the club. He saw a beautiful graceful creature dancing incredibly beautifully on the stage. He is delighted and fascinated. Well, if you want to touch the beautiful, you have to pay. The guest pays the club and, accordingly, you for the time he wants to spend with you.


It all depends on you and the wishes of the guest. You can spend this time as you decide or agree. Let’s say you dance and you do a sexy dance for him. Just as an option, you order champagne, drinks, food and just talk with him this time, get to know each other. Here again, it all depends on you and your ability to be interesting, not boring, a good conversationalist or just a listener. Basically, it all depends on the girl and how she puts herself. You yourself show what is possible with you and what is not. Often in privates you can ask for a good tip.

How much a girl will earn depends on a whole range of factors. The main ones are appearance, the ability to actively communicate and express yourself, and, of course, the right contract. According to statistics, you can earn a hostess job:

$1500-1800 per monthif the girl chooses contracts in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, remote destinations with an average level of popularity among wealthy tourists;

2000- 3400 USD for those who work in Spain, Macedonia, Jordan, get a job in nightclubs and bars in Cyprus, Singapore and South Korea.

If you are interested in a higher paying job for girls abroad, you can pay attention to the vacancies of strip dancers. In South Africa, Greece, Germany, Albania, Switzerland, as well as in Malta, girls who dance the strip earn from 3,000 US dollars per month and more.

To find the perfect contract for yourself, it is not enough to study the statistics of earnings and determine the largest. In every country, in every club there are a number of requirements for applicants, features of the mentality and a number of nuances of work. You need to correctly correlate your capabilities, external data and talents with the wishes of the employer – then the contract will be profitable and leave a pleasant impression. That is why Prestige Agency managers select contracts individually for each girl .

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