What is deportation from Turkey?

Unfortunately, we all know that work cannot be legal on a tourist visa, According to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, consummation is prohibited and checks by the migration police are possible in the clubs.

As a rule, club bosses are notified in advance of upcoming inspections and management has the ability to warn the girls not to go to work, or leave the club premises.

But if, nevertheless, the police came and the girls were asked for passports (and they must be in your hands), then with a probability of 99.9% deportation will be announced.

Deportation from Turkey does not involve any stamps in your passport and will not spoil your visa history, but includes imprisonment in isolation chambers and a medical examination, this whole unpleasant story usually takes from 3 to 10 working days, after which work in Turkey for women coming to an end – they are sent home. The administration of the club collects things from hotels, pays a salary for the days worked (if your agent, of course, tries to deal with this issue) and sends it all to the airport.

The ban on entering Turkey varies and ranges from 1 to 5 years , after which you can return to the country again.

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