What is consummation in a nightclub? Who are club hostesses, party girls, drink hostess and what is the essence of their work?

Consumption is an entertainment service for young girls in nightclubs and establishments. Consumation girls are called Hostess. The duties of the Hostess at consummation include communication with a male guest of a club or bar.

How consummation happens

Remember yourself in the club as a guest. You are a beauty, you were going to the mirror for 3 hours – makeup, manicure, hairstyle and stunning outfit. And so you come to the club, dance, behave at ease, smile. A guy comes up to you and buys a cocktail. What are you doing?Communicating with this man while drinking a margarita or champagne. He really likes to chat with you, and he orders again. So this is the real consummation. Only when it happens in ordinary life, the motives of this guy are unknown, and apart from nightly adventures and a morning hangover, you get nothing. When this work, then everything is very clear. The guest comes to the club to take a break from work and family everyday life and routine. He knows where and why he is going and how much he is willing to spend. What he needs from you is not sex for a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, he just wants to chat with a nice interesting girl, forget about problems, relax, treat her with drinks. And you get paid. And the more you like, the more the guest orders and the higher your percentage. Salaries are quite high, especially for girls from the CIS countries who have never seen such money in their homeland. On average, a girl earns from $2,000 a month without much effort.

But you still need to understand that consumption is work, not entertainment , and there are some nuances.

Firstly, you need to be able to present yourself so that the guest has no doubts that you are decent and interesting. Do not invite uninteresting girls will, and accordingly, it will be unprofitable for the club to keep a girl who does not bring profit to the club. And the boss can reduce the rate or even fire him.

Secondly, you need to be able to strike up a conversation and listen carefully to the guest. With all this, it is necessary to understand why the guest came to the club. Sometimes a man comes to pour out his soul. It happens. Someone to chat with a beautiful girl, someone to stare at the show. You just need to listen to someone and smile, laugh with someone and watch videos on Youtube or dance. Therefore, each guest needs his own approach.

Thirdly, consummation is a story more about alcohol. Many people do not like that the girl does not drink. Therefore, you need to understand that sometimes you have to do this. But there are always tricks. Somewhere you can drain, somewhere you can ask the bartender not to pour a lot of alcohol.

Fourthly, some girls do not know how to take tips, gifts or accept compliments from men. They begin to blush and are shy, others behave like beggars. Balance is needed everywhere. Train your femininity. A true woman should be able to accept presents, elegantly hint at her “Wishlist”, flirt innocently and be inaccessible at the same time. Let a man take care of you.

This is all the “wisdom” of consummation. As you can see, there is nothing terrible and reprehensible here. Consumation has nothing to do with intimacy.

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Для работы в клубах Сеула девушкам часто нужны коммуникабельность, привлекательный внешний вид, готовность общаться с разнообразными гостями и танцевать в клубах.

Корейцы идут в клубы расслабляться, поэтому важно владеть хотя бы английским.

Танцовщицы в клубах Сеула могут зарабатывать различные суммы, в зависимости от клуба и условий контракта. В среднем 3000 долларов.

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