What are privates?

A private strip dancer is not just an erotic dance, it is a dance that awakens a storm of fantasies and desires of a club guest. In our agency, intimacy and its manifestations are prohibited. The level of accessibility depends directly on the girl model.

One of the main components of the income of strip dancers.

How does it work? Let’s say you liked the guest of the club. He saw a beautiful graceful creature dancing incredibly beautifully on the stage. He is delighted and fascinated. Well, if you want to touch the beautiful, you have to pay. The guest pays the club and, accordingly, you for the time he wants to spend with you.


It all depends on you and the wishes of the guest. You can spend this time as you decide or agree. Let’s say you dance and you do a sexy dance for him. Just as an option, you order champagne, drinks, food and just talk with him this time, get to know each other. Here again, it all depends on you and your ability to be interesting, not boring, a good conversationalist or just a listener. Basically, it all depends on the girl and how she puts herself. You yourself show what is possible with you and what is not. Often in privates you can ask for a good tip.

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Questions and answers

Для работы в клубах Сеула девушкам часто нужны коммуникабельность, привлекательный внешний вид, готовность общаться с разнообразными гостями и танцевать в клубах.

Корейцы идут в клубы расслабляться, поэтому важно владеть хотя бы английским.

Танцовщицы в клубах Сеула могут зарабатывать различные суммы, в зависимости от клуба и условий контракта. В среднем 3000 долларов.

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