Should a hostess working in a club abroad know any foreign language?

When choosing a job in a club abroad, it is naive to believe that everyone around you will understand your native language. Ignorance of the language is often the main barrier to the life that every traveler dreams of. But this does not mean at all that if in your school years you “wasted your time in foreign lessons”, now everything is lost for you. Work abroad on consummation without knowledge of spoken English(Turkish, Italian, French, German, etc.) IT IS POSSIBLE!

Although, of course, having at least a basic level of training, you will feel much more comfortable as a hostess. It is pointless to hide this fact.

So what to do? If it suddenly happened that your language level is not enough or you are simply not sure that you can handle it, start with preparation. Yes, yes, it was not the Gods who burned the pots, as they say! It’s never too late to learn. There are a huge number of paid and free sources, courses and tutorials where you can improve your knowledge. Registration on a foreign dating site can also help in the practical application of knowledge. And also – in further work on consumption)) just correctly indicate your location and “prepare the ground”)) For example, if you are going to conquer Istanbul – choose a location somewhere in its open spaces and wait for a flurry of messages) Merhaba, dear!))

Second, in order to work in a consummation club, girls do not need to communicate on highly intellectual topics and parry in business terms. On the contrary, the simpler, the often better! Keep in mind that most of the guests, when communicating in English, are not native speakers of this language and, due to their gender, it is extremely uncomfortable for them to feel their gaps in knowledge in front of such a beautiful lady. Express yourself simply, let the guest feel that he is cooler and you will be happy.

Third – the environment is conducive. It’s just how it works when everyone around speaks a language other than your own, if you want – if you don’t want to, talk. And this rule applies to everyone without exception. Having gone on a contract, do not limit yourself to communicating exclusively with fellow countrywomen, go out to people, get to know the locals, believe me, an open sincere smile affects everyone.

Well, the fourth is work abroad as a club hostess models are about mood. And it is much easier and easier to communicate on a primitive level with a cheerful, kind and smiling girl, how you look and how you treat guests is a much more important point. The factor of key importance is how READY you are in principle to learn and COMMUNICATE, do not be shy about your mistakes, make them your priority areas and remember, the courage to be funny decorates you

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Хостес должен заботиться о комфорте гостей в заведении, удовлетворяя их требованиям и запросам, приветствовать и сопровождать людей к столикам, управлять бронированием мест, обеспечивать правильное распределение посетителей, и в целом, создавать приятную атмосферу и первое положительное впечатление о месте.

Для работы хостесом важно обладать отличными коммуникативными навыками и знанием английского языка, даже если наниматель из СНГ, поскольку общаться придется не только с местными жителями, но и туристами. Не менее важны презентабельный внешний вид, грамотная речь и хорошая дикция. Детали можно уточнить у менеджеров нашего агентства.

Зарплата хостес зависит от множества факторов, включая страну трудоустройства, класс заведения, опыт работы и уровень обслуживания. В среднем хостесы могут зарабатывать от 7 до 15 долларов в час, плюс чаевые. В некоторых эксклюзивных ресторанах и ночных клубах ставка бывает в разы выше. В среднем зарплата хостес за рубежом колеблется от 3000 до 4500 долларов США в месяц.

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