Portugal is not only one of the most picturesque corners of Europe. It is a country with a developed economy, a favorable climate and a high standard of living. Visitors love Portugal due to the friendliness of the local population, the calm pace of life, beautiful nature and numerous architectural monuments. One of the most popular resort cities in Portugal is Cascais. Once it was a fishing village, but after the port was built here, it has grown significantly. Today, among Europeans, it is associated with a luxurious vacation on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is considered one of the most prosperous places on the Iberian Peninsula. In Cascais it is pleasant not only to relax, but also to work. The entertainment industry offers many jobs for girls in Portugal. Due to the high level of salaries and always filled nightclubs, girls from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia have the opportunity to improve their financial situation, save money for significant purchases and just have a good time in a beautiful city in Europe.




At Prestige Model Agency vacancies are open for hostesses, strip dancers or pole dancers at La Rocca gentleman’s club. The institution is located in the center of the city of Cascais in Portugal. Girls can independently decide what position to work in: only dancing or consummation, or dancing combined with consummation. Also, girls choose the method of consumption: active or passive. In the first case, the girl independently makes acquaintances with the visitors of the establishment and offers to chat at the tables. In the second, she is waiting for the guest who liked her to call her. Girls on consummation in Portugal can drink alcohol or soft drinks (optional juice, water).




Income depends on the chosen mode of operation. Hostesses in Portugal without dancing get a rate of 20€ per shift + 30% off drinks. The daily salary of a strip dancer in Portugal is 35€ + 30% from drinks + 50% from private. Extra income in the club:

  • small glass – 10€;
  • big glass – 35€;
  • private 5 minutes – 40€;
  • private 10 minutes – 70€;
  • Table Dance – 30€.

Girls receive a fixed rate daily, interest from drinks and privates once a week on Tuesdays.

La Rocca gentleman’s club is open daily from 22:30-04:00 One day off per week is provided in agreement with the administration. The girls arrive at the Lisbon airport, where they are met by representatives of the club. If a meeting is not provided, take a taxi to Cascais (distance about 30 km). The cost is 40€. Apartments provide 60€ per week. This is a comfortable, spacious accommodation located 10 minutes walk from the club. On weekends, be sure to spend the night in the club’s apartments!



Club management prefers to see girls with pleasant appearance, slender, athletic, smiling and friendly. Sociability and love for communication are important – without this, it is problematic to make money on consumption. The advantage is knowledge of English, as most of the club’s clients communicate in it. To work in Portugal, girls need a sense of style, the ability to dress in a way that men like, but not defiantly. Sexy dresses, tops with skirts, neat makeup, hair, high heels are welcome.




A great place for those who come for real money. Working as a dancer with consummation, you can easily earn 700-1000€ per week. The earnings of hostesses in Portugal are much lower, so it is better to choose a combined job option. Management is friendly, responsive and helpful. The girls in the club are guarded.

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Questions and answers

Для работы в клубах Сеула девушкам часто нужны коммуникабельность, привлекательный внешний вид, готовность общаться с разнообразными гостями и танцевать в клубах.

Корейцы идут в клубы расслабляться, поэтому важно владеть хотя бы английским.

Танцовщицы в клубах Сеула могут зарабатывать различные суммы, в зависимости от клуба и условий контракта. В среднем 3000 долларов.

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