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One of the prerequisites for employment in clubs is the signing of an employment contract. An employment contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer, according to the terms of which, the employee undertakes to perform the work specified by this agreement, subject to internal labor regulations and rules, and the employer to pay wages payment and ensure the working conditions stipulated by this agreement. When signing a contract with Prestige Model Agency, you must: 1. Sign an employment contract that specifies the obligations of the parties, working conditions, living conditions, wages and other important points. An employment contract, like a work visa, is drawn up and signed before traveling abroad. 2. You will receive clear information about the place of work, salary, working conditions. 3. You will receive contacts of our employees and you can contact them and ask your questions in real time and get answers to your questions. All of our clubs are verified and licensed. With the Prestige Model Agency team, you are in safe and safe hands! Trust the professionals.

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Modeling Agency Prestige
Modeling Agency Prestige
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