Leisure and work in Turkey

Tblue mosqueTurkey has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations. Not only residents of the CIS countries travel to this country, but also many tourists from Western Europe, in particular from Germany, England and the Netherlands. Turkey has received such wide recognition from tourists of all countries due to its service and attractive prices for holidays in local hotels that practice the All Inclusive system. If you come to Turkey for work or leisure, then you don’t have to worry about what money to take with you. The local currency is the Turkish lira, which is easy to exchange for dollars or euros at any bank or exchange office, the exchange in the opposite direction will also not cause any problems. In the last decade, Turkey has been developing very rapidly. In Istanbul and its environs, a lot of construction is carried out every year: shopping centers, restaurants, bars, hotels. Other major cities of the country are also not far behind: Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana are developing infrastructure and are being rebuilt, thereby creating a lot of jobs. stambul at nightAbout 30 million tourists come to Turkey every year and even more people if you count those who come to work. Working in Turkey is a great opportunity to earn a solid amount of money during the season. Dancers, waitresses, hostesses, image models, vocalists – all these vacancies are in great demand and well paid. You can take away from Turkey with you even after one single month of work from 1500 to 2000 dollars. This is a dream country for those who want to combine work with leisure: warm beaches, cheap fruits, delicious food, what could be better? Contract work for girls who want to earn money and have a good time, Turkey is just a great option. There is something to see and where to have fun. Istanbul alone occupies several dozen pages in a travel guide. This is a real tourist “mecca” – the city, spread out on both banks of the Bosphorus, can easily compete with the best cities of Western Europe in its beauty. As it was said in the wonderful Soviet film “The Diamond Arm”: “Istanbul is a city of contrasts”, Muslim and Christian styles in architecture, culture and life merged here. Istanbul RestaurantThere are many mosques and churches in the Turkish capital. The Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua built by Franciscan monks is located in the European part of the city and is a project of Giulio Mongeri built in the Venetian style. The Bulgarian Church of St. Stephen is already an Orthodox church made exclusively of cast iron. And of course, the crown of religious buildings in Istanbul is the Blue Mosque, which is one of the symbols of this city and is located right on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. No self-respecting tourist misses the opportunity to take a photo with this attraction. The nightlife of Istanbul is also very rich, here, as in any resort towns in Turkey, there are many typical European bars and clubs where you can get a job as a dancer, party girl or hostess. There is a job in Turkey for girls who know oriental dances, here they appreciate belly dance performers and willingly go to their performances.

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Questions and answers

Женщинам и девушкам Украины, Прибалтики, России, Молдовы и других стран доступно трудоустройство в Косово в качестве хостес на консумации, танцовщиц, вокалисток, аниматоров.

В среднем за одну смену только на чаевых девушки могут заработать 100 € и больше. Ставка за смену намного выше, чем в других странах Европы и составляет 40-90 €.

Основной задачей девушек, работающих на консумации в Монголии, является обеспечение общения и создание атмосферы веселья для гостей ночных клубов и баров.Посетители оплачивают возможность общения с этими девушками, угощают их выпивкой. Это способствует увеличению выручки, при этом девушки получают часть выручки как свою оплату.

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