We invite you to work as a model scout in the Prestige Model Agency

The consulting agency Prestige Model Agency invites active and positive young women to work as model scouts.

How to become a model scout?

You need to possess certain qualities, such as:

  • You are not shy to initiate conversations (or messaging) with strangers.
  • You have 5-6 hours available every day.
  • You enjoy using new tools for talent scouting.
  • You can communicate with women from various social backgrounds, with different characters and temperaments.
  • You never engage in conflicts with unreasonable individuals.
  • You have a sense of taste.
  • You can communicate effectively in Russian, both verbally and in writing.

What we offer for this position:

  • Work as a model scout in a reputable model agency.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • The opportunity to travel for our contracts.
  • The option to work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • The potential to earn from $300 to an unlimited amount per month. Your salary depends solely on your performance.
  • You will work in collaboration with a qualified manager.
  • Training in the basics of scouting.

Responsibilities as a model scout in the model agency:

  • Scouting for new talent (posting advertisements on special resources, offering collaboration through personal messages on social networks).
  • Managing social media accounts.

Under the reliable protection and patronage of our model agency and specialists, we help young and talented women realize their potential, explore the world, and earn a decent income in these challenging times. We are trusted and respected. The job opportunity is currently open, and we are looking forward to welcoming you!


Reviews about working as a model scout for the model agency

Anastasia, Prestige Model Agency scout:

“Hello 😊, I’m from Prestige Model Agency!” This is a phrase I write quite often over the past year. For this period, I’ve been working as a scout in the model agency. It all started when my friend went on a contract, shared her impressions with me, and I started following the work of the model agency. Combining my on-site studies at the university and trips for contracts isn’t always feasible, unfortunately. So, I decided to try myself in this line of work to have an additional income. I work in my free time from studies and earn a decent amount, especially for a student. It’s enough to dedicate 2-3 hours a day to work on social media, and within a couple of months, you’ll receive your first substantial paycheck. Earning $500 a month is the dream of every student. But not everyone has this opportunity. I’m grateful to Prestige Model Agency for this opportunity! I’m already planning my personal contract for the upcoming holidays 😊.


Elizaveta, Prestige Model Agency scout:

Hello, everyone 😊! I’ve been working as a scout in Prestige Model Agency for 5.5 years. I’ve had the chance to work both before the pandemic and during its peak, and I continue to pursue my favorite job. I can’t imagine a better team, leadership, or vacancy in the world. This is where I’ve stayed the longest as an employee. Previously, I usually lasted a maximum of 2 years in a job, and then I lost interest in my work. I was always looking for something new to captivate me. And now, I’ve found Prestige! What can I say about the position of a scout in the modeling business… Yes, the job is not easy, as any job is in general. But I get tremendous pleasure from communicating with the girls! I enjoy their enthusiastic feedback after contracts and witnessing the positive changes in their lives. Speaking strictly from a work perspective, I appreciate that my work schedule allows me to study, pursue my interests, travel, and not detach from work. Wherever I am, I just need to have my phone and internet access. And, of course, the significant advantage is that there is no ceiling on our earnings. My income depends solely on my performance. Our management has created the most comfortable working conditions!

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Questions and answers

Хостес должна заботиться о комфорте гостей в заведении, удовлетворяя их требованиям и запросам, приветствовать и сопровождать людей к столикам, управлять бронированием мест, обеспечивать правильное распределение посетителей, и в целом, создавать приятную атмосферу и первое положительное впечатление о месте.

Для работы хостес важно обладать отличными коммуникативными навыками и знанием английского языка, даже если наниматель из СНГ, поскольку общаться придется не только с местными жителями, но и туристами. Не менее важны презентабельный внешний вид, грамотная речь и хорошая дикция. Детали можно уточнить у менеджеров нашего агентства.

Зарплата хостес зависит от множества факторов, включая страну трудоустройства, класс заведения, опыт работы и уровень обслуживания. В среднем хостесы могут зарабатывать от 7 до 15 долларов в час, плюс чаевые. В некоторых эксклюзивных ресторанах и ночных клубах ставка бывает в разы выше. В среднем зарплата хостес за рубежом колеблется от 3000 до 4500 долларов США в месяц.

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