We invite for cooperation model agency managers

Are you creative, goal-oriented, experienced in contract work, enjoy communication, and want to share your experience while earning extra income? Then join the close-knit team at Prestige Model Agency! 👍


We invite remote customer service managers!


We offer:

  • Remote work from anywhere in the world!
  • Earnings starting from $500 per month and more (depends solely on you) + bonuses from the company, including paid trips abroad.
  • Training on the specifics of the work from top mentors.
  • Assistance in building your client base.


Requirements for the job:

  • 4-5 hours of daily online work (which can be divided into parts) remotely.
  • Diligence, creativity, responsibility, sociability, and non-confrontational attitude.
  • Ability to operate and work on popular social networks such as VK, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Telegram.


Responsibilities of a model agency manager:

  • Consultation and attraction of clients.
  • Processing applications from candidates and selecting vacancies, arranging contracts.
  • Creating and posting content in messengers, scouting, and informational mailings. If you can also attract traffic, it’s a significant plus.
  • Managing social media accounts according to provided guidelines (writing posts, curating post themes, creating informational stories, collecting news and topics).

P.S.: We only consider female candidates for the position of customer service manager 😉 Having your own client base is a plus!⠀


Reviews about the remote manager position


Victoria, Prestige Model Agency manager:

I haven’t been with the Prestige team for long, but I can’t imagine my life without all of this now! At first, it was challenging due to the vast amount of information, but I love learning and discovering new things. Plus, I have an excellent mentor who is available to us almost 24/7. We developed a “strategy” and started working. Being a customer service manager is not difficult! It’s cool that this job is remote and offers the opportunity to improve communication skills, learn English, expand your geographic knowledge, and develop resilience. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my income. The motivation is huge because there is a lot to do, and the agency’s scale allows interaction with a vast number of clients, ensuring that everything will go perfectly for those I help. Thanks to Prestige for welcoming me to the team!


Lidia, Prestige Model Agency manager:

I’ve been working with Prestige for over 5 years now, and you know, I’ve never regretted it once, touch wood! I like both what we do and how we do it. I especially like that it’s a remote customer service job! Of course, there are no vacancies without downsides. Here, for example, it’s the lack of weekends. But that’s more of a personal issue for me because I can’t just switch off from interacting with the girls. However, mentors and the administration are always there to support. On the plus side, there is absolute freedom of movement, unlimited income, and the ability to make 100 or 200 thousand rubles. We have a wonderful team, even though our “meetings” are virtual. There’s so much support, help, and involvement – I haven’t seen anything like it!


Diana, Prestige Model Agency manager:

Hello, everyone! I’ve been working as a customer service manager remotely since 2015, and it’s the longest career I’ve had in my entire life. I’ve tried various fields – from tourism to office hiring to my own business. There was always something hindering me or causing discomfort. During my time at Prestige, I’ve realized that while we are a team, my results are truly mine and are highly encouraged. That is, there are no fictitious annual awards or ceremonial “thank yous” from the management. It’s real financial growth. Growth and independence – that long-awaited remote job that remains relevant anywhere in the world. For me, it’s essential. If I want, I can combine this position with any other job, travel the world, study, choose my schedule, and always feel the stability of knowing that my income depends solely on me. In my opinion, this is the best feeling a job can offer in the modern world.

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Questions and answers

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Для работы хостес важно обладать отличными коммуникативными навыками и знанием английского языка, даже если наниматель из СНГ, поскольку общаться придется не только с местными жителями, но и туристами. Не менее важны презентабельный внешний вид, грамотная речь и хорошая дикция. Детали можно уточнить у менеджеров нашего агентства.

Зарплата хостес зависит от множества факторов, включая страну трудоустройства, класс заведения, опыт работы и уровень обслуживания. В среднем хостесы могут зарабатывать от 7 до 15 долларов в час, плюс чаевые. В некоторых эксклюзивных ресторанах и ночных клубах ставка бывает в разы выше. В среднем зарплата хостес за рубежом колеблется от 3000 до 4500 долларов США в месяц.

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