Modeling work! First hand details

Our lovely girls! We made it a rule to pamper you with live broadcasts on our Instagram pages. So on May 24, there was a live broadcast of our manager Katrin Solnechnaya, part-time model booker, and the charming beauty Katyusha Shcheglova, who completed her first modeling contract in hospitable Istanbul. The girls spoke about this contract in great detail and without pretense. Answered all the questions that were asked by the viewers of the broadcast, as well as previously sent to direct. Did not miss a single moment of common work. Katyusha told how she came to this goal, what she needed, what nuances to take into account and what to expect. Katyusha’s perseverance and hard work can only be envied. She just set a goal for herself and went to it. Everyone, including local Turkish agents, appreciated how energetic and efficient she was. She was also noticed and invited to star in her video by the famous Turkish singer Murat Kursun. Katya opened the door to a new life for herself, made many acquaintances, found new friends. Despite the fatigue, she was always brighter than the sun and lit up with a smile, she worked giving all her best at 200%. After trying on a bunch of beautiful outfits, having a rest in the greatest city of Turkey, eating the most exotic dishes and relaxing in the most beautiful places in Istanbul, Katyusha returned home full of strength and emotions. This is not our last contract with her, we are sure of this. To such a wonderful and beautiful girl and professional, we say “thank you!” for choosing us, Prestige Model Agency! You can watch the recording of the live broadcast on our main Instagram account @_prestige_model_agency , and on the YouTube channel Also subscribe to our channel at Telegram and be the first to know.

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Questions and answers

Женщинам и девушкам Украины, Прибалтики, России, Молдовы и других стран доступно трудоустройство в Косово в качестве хостес на консумации, танцовщиц, вокалисток, аниматоров.

В среднем за одну смену только на чаевых девушки могут заработать 100 € и больше. Ставка за смену намного выше, чем в других странах Европы и составляет 40-90 €.

Основной задачей девушек, работающих на консумации в Монголии, является обеспечение общения и создание атмосферы веселья для гостей ночных клубов и баров.Посетители оплачивают возможность общения с этими девушками, угощают их выпивкой. Это способствует увеличению выручки, при этом девушки получают часть выручки как свою оплату.

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