Work abroad for a girl. What options?

rabota_za_graniceySince childhood, we have been surrounded by stereotypes, one of which is related to work – it is commonly believed that work is a routine five or six days a week, and so for eleven months, and only the twelfth we can devote to rest. Living their lives according to a schedule, many do not even suspect that everything can be completely different. This does not mean that office work is bad. But it’s worth asking yourself: am I completely happy in this job? Is the freedom and money that the office can give me enough for me? But the vacation that you are waiting for as a big holiday, in order to finally break out on vacation abroad, can become a daily reality for you, and not an annual dream – enjoy landscapes, sights, exotic food and new acquaintances every day. Working abroad for a girl can be of different directions and in different areas, but the most profitable jobs are in entertainment, restaurant and hotel business. rabota_za_graniceyParty girl – the duties of such a girl include creating the appearance of fullness of the institution. She moves around the club and behaves exactly like a typical visitor: dancing, exchanging jokes with other guests, flirting. Her work may not be noticeable at first glance, but it creates an atmosphere. Dancing and having fun all night, and even getting paid for it, is not bad, isn’t it? Hostess – a girl who wants to get this job, must be sociable, with a competent speech and smiling. Hostesses work in hotels, restaurants, conferences and exhibitions, they must meet and charm the guest. In the hotel, they monitor the reception and dispatch of guests, as well as their distribution to rooms. In the restaurant you are met and escorted to the ordered table. Go-go dancer – a girl who continuously dances on the podium to the playing music, all her movements are improvisation, these are background dances in discos and clubs. The main criterion is choreographic training and good looks. This type of dancer is very popular abroad, especially in Korea and Japan.

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Questions and answers

Ежемесячный доход хостес в Стамбуле может варьироваться от 2000$ до 5000$, в зависимости от условий контракта. Дополнительно можно заработать за счет чаевых, процентов с напитков и премий.

Для работы хостес в Стамбуле знание английского языка желательно, но не всегда обязательно. Важно иметь базовые навыки общения для эффективного взаимодействия с гостями клуба.

Работу хостес в Стамбуле можно найти через специализированные агентства, такие как Prestige Model Agency. Агентство поможет с оформлением всех необходимых документов и предоставит надежные и проверенные контракты.

Модельное Агентство Prestige

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