Country Selection Tips

  The choice of a country depends on many facts: 1. The availability of visas (or the ability to quickly open). There are visa-free countries such as Turkey, Armenia, South Korea (for the Russian Federation), with the possibility of staying up to 60 days. There are countries where a visa is issued upon arrival, for example, Jordan! Simple opening of visas to Cyprus (for Russia and Ukraine we make visas free of charge and within 24 hours). The Schengen zone is now open to Ukrainians if there is a biometric passport (you can stay up to 90 days in half a year). There are contracts in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Malta, etc. 2. Ticket price! Tickets start from $50-500. For example, you can often find tickets from Moscow to Istanbul or Milan from $50. But to Singapore or the USA, a ticket costs around $400-500. Ticket prices can be viewed at 3. Personal preferences for the mentality and culture of other countries . 4. Knowledge of languages! For example, in Cyprus or Singapore, you need a high level of English (basic, basic conversational, elementary will not work). With basic English it is possible to consider Turkey and Jordan. Or maybe you speak Spanish or Italian? Then the choice is clear! 5. Personal communication skills. If this is your first contract or you are not the most sociable person, then you should choose a system with passive consumption! If you are an active, sociable person who does not have a language barrier – then I advise you to consider active consumption. 6. Perception of alcohol. If you don’t drink from the word “absolutely”, then choose: Italy, Turkey, South Korea! 7. Living conditions! The best conditions in Istanbul (live in a 4-star hotel), the fastest conditions in Singapore (accommodation for 2-4 people in a room, hostel format) 8. Possibility of compensation for a return ticket. Such conditions are offered by Singapore and South Korea. 9. Nutrition. It is very rare when the employer provides food. But it is possible if you choose Istanbul! 10. And of course the presence of the sea! Many first message notify that the most important thing is the beach! Then you can stay in Singapore (all year round) or Spain, some clubs in Italy and Turkey (during the warm season, from May to October.) We wish you a good flight! And remember, even if work in the club, upon arrival, is not “Your option”, you will get invaluable experience of communication with different people! And if everything works out, then you will spend the next 2-3 years traveling around the world 🙂

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Questions and answers

Женщинам и девушкам Украины, Прибалтики, России, Молдовы и других стран доступно трудоустройство в Косово в качестве хостес на консумации, танцовщиц, вокалисток, аниматоров.

В среднем за одну смену только на чаевых девушки могут заработать 100 € и больше. Ставка за смену намного выше, чем в других странах Европы и составляет 40-90 €.

Основной задачей девушек, работающих на консумации в Монголии, является обеспечение общения и создание атмосферы веселья для гостей ночных клубов и баров.Посетители оплачивают возможность общения с этими девушками, угощают их выпивкой. Это способствует увеличению выручки, при этом девушки получают часть выручки как свою оплату.

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