Jobs for girls in Hungary

Jobs for girls in Hungary

🚩 Hungary is an amazing country in Central Europe, renowned for its rich history, culture, and cuisine. Here are some of its main features:

  • Budapest – the capital of Hungary, is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. It is divided into two parts – Buda and Pest, connected by the iconic Chain Bridge. Budapest is famous for its magnificent thermal springs, grand buildings including the Parliament and Buda Castle, and picturesque waterfronts along the Danube River.
  • Debrecen – the second largest city in Hungary and a well-known resort center. It is renowned for its parks, cultural events, and thermal springs.

Hungary is an ancient country that has been a vast kingdom, survived the Mongol invasion, engaged in battles with Russian princes, and ultimately became a prosperous European nation.

The main symbol of Hungarian cuisine is goulash – a traditional meat stew with paprika. Hungarians also enjoy langos, a type of flatbread that can be prepared with various toppings. Hungary is also famous for its wines, particularly Tokaji wines, considered among the best in the world.


Prestige Model Agency invites beautiful, slender women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Baltic countries, and the EU to work in clubs in Hungary.

🚩 Women from EU countries can work in Hungary without a Schengen visa thanks to freedom of movement within the European Union.

For Ukrainian women, entry into Hungary is allowed with a biometric passport for up to 90 days within a six-month period. If you plan to stay and work in Hungary for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a residence visa and obtain a work permit.

For citizens of other CIS countries, except Ukraine, a Schengen visa is mandatory for working in Hungary. You need to contact the Embassy or Consulate of Hungary in your country for additional information on requirements and procedures for obtaining a Schengen visa to work in Hungary.


Vacancy for a hostess with consumption at a karaoke club in Hungary with a Korean system offers payment of 4000 HUF per hour of work with guests. In case of absence of guests, payment of 1000 HUF per hour of waiting is provided.

An additional payment of 10% is also provided for open bottles of alcohol costing between 70 and 300€. This means that you will receive 10% of the total cost of open bottles of alcohol if their cost falls within the specified range.


For working as a hostess with consumption in clubs in Hungary, important skills include being sociable, active, and able to maintain an atmosphere of fun and entertainment. Guests choose girls or a group of girls to accompany them during their stay at the club.

Your role will be to create a positive mood and entertainment for the guests. You may need to engage in conversations with guests, learn their preferences in songs and dances, and actively participate in entertainment activities such as disco-style singing and dancing.

🚩 It is important to remember that your activity and energy should be focused on creating a positive atmosphere for the guests. The main rule is not to sit still and be ready to have fun and join the guests in their entertainment activities.


Clubs in Hungary are visited by local residents as well as tourists from different countries who enjoy singing, dancing, and having a good time. This means that as a hostess with consumption, you will work with a diverse audience.

Your task will be to create a friendly and entertaining atmosphere for all guests, regardless of their nationality or language. The ability to communicate in different languages or use gestures and body language can be useful for communicating with guests from different countries.

🚩 Remember that each guest may have their own preferences and requirements.

It is important to be open and flexible to adapt to different preferences and provide unforgettable experiences for each guest.


As a hostess with consumption in a club in Hungary, you will be assigned various tasks to meet the needs of the guests. Here are some of these tasks:

Drink service. You will need to serve drinks to guests, attend to tables, and clean up utensils.

Games with guests. You can participate in tabletop games with guests to create an entertaining atmosphere and enhance their enjoyment.

Dancing and singing in karaoke. Your tasks will also include dancing and singing in karaoke to maintain energy and atmosphere in the club.

Regarding your appearance, it is important for hostesses to look attractive. This can include wearing short cocktail dresses, short skirts, tops, and high-heeled shoes. Neat manicure, hairstyling, and evening makeup may also be required.

It is always important to comply with the rules and requirements of the employer regarding appearance in order to meet their expectations and standards.

🚩 Remember that your role is not only about appearance but also about creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests, serving their needs, and participating in entertainment activities.


Work in clubs in Hungary is usually year-round without a clearly defined seasonality. This means that you can work in Hungary at any time of the year.

Also, it is important to note that the club usually does not provide accommodation for girls. Therefore, you will need to independently rent an apartment or stay in a hostel during work. It is recommended to familiarize yourself in advance with available housing options in the club’s area to ensure convenience and accessibility for you.

🚩 Keep in mind that accommodation expenses are your responsibility, and it is important to consider them in your budget.


❣ According to feedback from girls working for Prestige Model Agency, the average income for hostesses in clubs in Hungary can range from 1500€ to 3000€ per month. However, it is worth noting that these are approximate values, and specific earnings may vary depending on various factors such as the number of working hours and the level of guest activity.

💰 It is important to note that hostess girls usually have the opportunity to keep 100% of the tips, which can significantly impact their income. Tips are an additional source of earnings and depend on the generosity of guests and the level of service.

Vacancy Earnings
Hostess from 1500€ – 3000€
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Questions and answers

We have added to our list such professions as webcam model, hostess, go-go dancer, vocalist, PJ in a nightclub.

Taking into account the fact that technical professions do not bring high incomes, we advise to get education in a creative direction. Actress of theatre and cinema, singer, fashion designer, designer, vocalist or dancer. These are the professions that can open up a wide range of opportunities for girls.

Due to their physical, mental and psychological characteristics, girls are predisposed to some professions more than men. We advise girls to consider female professions in such directions as creative, humanitarian and office.

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